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Title: Free All-Night Access to Dreams
Post by: deirdre on April 18, 2008, 06:18:40 AM
Hi Deirdre
I am wondering if you can please tell me what you see pressing in my chart. I have a shop and the market is not good, so I do not feel safe and I am getting blocked in other areas of my life. All I want to do is sleep, but I have to work all the time. I know everything is a cycle, but now I am a bear in hibernation.

I am always thinking very analytically. I always feel I need to look beneath the surface. I search a lot and I have this feeling I want to go to the end of learning, this is such a mystery for me.

Thank you for your time
Gia, a Pisces from Greece

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Dear Gia,
I get the impression that your dreams are running better than your business, and maybe there is something magical in this for you. What is going on in your dreams? It is time to rembember them and follow the path.

Pisces can often times have fluid access to imagination.. No one is sure if we are daydreaming, night dreaming or just imaginative. Is this the case with you? This year it is as if you wake up in your dreams and start living them. Uranus is is passing over your natal Sun at the same time Neptune is passing over natal Mercury. From what do you want to be free? How do you want to live which you have been keeping a secret from yourself? This is all coming available to you now -- to live where you want to live, to do want you want to do and to be creative. What do you think is the message to the blocks? I think you know.

Much love,

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