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Title: Music, Art and Dancing.
Post by: paloma on October 25, 2006, 07:39:48 AM
Dear Paloma:

My name is Cristina and i am an argentinian astrologer (30 years now at it) living in Spain, Barcelona to be precise.  My inquire is about my daughter Kenya, she loves music, art and dancing (hip hop especially) but singing i think is her main thing.

What do you see?


Title: Re: Music, Art and Dancing.
Post by: paloma on October 25, 2006, 07:45:51 AM
Dear Cristina,

What do you see or don't see in her chart? You can share it with us.

Your daughter is thirteen years old.

I worked with teenagers theater company for five years; I know them very well, and I love them. I have learned from their views, power and wisdom. Teenagers have so much to share and say and teach us! if we only listened

Title: Re: Music, Art and Dancing.
Post by: paloma on October 26, 2006, 03:33:15 PM
Dear Paloma: 
Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. Yes, i have worked with teenagers as well since i have been a dance teacher as well as an astrologer.
I still take classes and dance with lots of teenagers.........

About Kenya's Saturn-Pallas-Vesta square Mercury-Mars-Pluto........she has started school very early (before 3 years old), and somehow she's always the youngest in her class. She has had lots of concentration problems, due to her mind working very fast sometimes and very slowly other times. She gets bored very easily and finds it really hard to stay concentrated for more than half an hour.
She does better in her dance classes, since she likes it. Slowly she has learned to work on her own, and gain some confidence in her thinking. She used to think she wasn't very clever (Saturn- Mercury), but slowly she's learning that it wasn't a case of being clever or not, but rather of organising her mental energies, which she's learning to do.

She is a very serious thinker, but also a natural comedian (Sun-Jupiter in the 5th), she's a natural on stage.........

The reason for my question was just to get someone else's opinion, to make sure i am not projecting on her, my own love for the arts and dance.........

Don't know many astrologers in Barcelona, since we have just moved here couple of years ago.
I would not mind the name and telephone number of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher......
Thank you again

Title: Re: Music, Art and Dancing.
Post by: paloma on October 31, 2006, 08:14:31 AM
Dear Cristina,

I've been thinking about your question these days, as it seems to me that it brings forward an issue that cannot be solved in theory, but in practice. Life can be strategized and planned, but only to certain point; there is a line that is purely vivential and can only be grasped or confirmed through the empirical. What can aware parents consciously do to benefit their children? That is, how conscious and aware can  parents be, that they can give their children the freedom to be themselves, do what they love, and survive in this world?  By aware parents i am talking about the adults who are conscious of the limitations of parenthood; that is, that the individual that the child is, at some point in his/her path, is responsible for his/her life choices.

You bring up a question that is substantial: am i projecting my desires into my daughter's future?  You are questioning yourself about the power you have into your daughter's destiny, and i can connect with the vertigo (especially when you are familiar with how fate works) you might feel.

Life has sacred traps. I would say you are in one of them... you have to do what you feel is good for your daughter, and there will always be a flaw, something that could have been better, different, etc. Right? That is the risk. With the Moon on the mid heaven in your daughter's chart, and Chiron in the nadir, you are and will be influential in Kenya's vocational path.

I have a couple of ideas and theories that i'd like to share with you, and our readers, but first if feel compel to tell my own story with my mother... because i feel i am a good example of the 'sacred trap' i am talking about.

I was born in a family of visual artists (drawing, painting, photography) , actors and dancers. My mother was trained as as a visual artist, did some theater and dancing when younger, but never pursued it further. She has lived with the frustration on not fulfilling her desire of being a full time artist, especially and actor. But, she is a creator; she does beautiful dolls and textile art.

Drawing for me was a giving and a gift; i don't remember not painting when i was a kid. When i was a teenager i used to copy photos and do lots of self portraits... i remember living one of these on my bed, and my mother seeing it, she was at awe and told me that it was really good, that i had a talent etc; i had a hard time trusting her. When time came to decide what to study at the university i decided i wanted to be a lawyer and started a BA in foreign languages. I wasn't very happy, felt bored in my classes and my overall feeling was i was lost. I think my mother was bit worried, and she took the liberty, without consulting me, to show my drawings to two of the greatest painters in Puerto Rico (my country) who are very close friends to my parents; i was there when she did so, and i felt all my blood moving in my body. It was a turning point. I had no idea what to feel. I felt that coming from her it was a transgression of my space, and at the same time i was thrilled at having 'the masters' looking at my work. She apologized to me in front of them, and said that she was doing this for me, because she knew that i didn't trust her objectivity as a mother. The painters were really surprised and impressed at my work, and expressed to me the urge to follow my talent, to study and get trained. It was a very powerful moment.

The next semester i was enrolled in basic drawing class with who became my first mentor, an extraordinary woman, who after the third or fourth class moved me into her advance courses where i had my first overwhelming creative experience in which i probably contacted the core of my passion and my inner power for the first time. I could go on describing the magic of those three years that followed on. I 'became' an artist (in my world this means that i approach everything i do from a creative point of view, it goes way beyond my 'visual art' training) and for the next 15 years or so, dedicated myself fully to this practice. The problem is that even if i was living my potential by developing my creative talent i had no self esteem built to handle all the ego traps of the artist's world. Did my mother did the right thing? Very difficult to know, right? I have often wondered how i was living part of her unfulfilled life ... and for that matter, the one of my whole genealogical tree.

So my point here is that even if Kenya's chart points to artistic talents and creative sensibility and expressive potential (Moon in Piscis, Venus in Libra , and Sun and Jupiter in the fifth house, just to mention the obvious) i would approach the matter differently. I would think on how, at her age, her taste for the arts can be tools for her to build a grounded sense of self; how can her artistic expression become the way to self knowledge and self empowerment, so that as she grows, she can discern and make the right choices. For me this is not about your daughter being a dancer or singer (she might be), it is more about molding her character and working on her self image so she can learn to appreciate herself and know what she wants to do with her talents.

I would say that some of the skills necessary to develop are discipline, focus, commitment; the saturnian aspects of the creative process. This will give her a permanent structure that she can apply later in any endeavor she chooses to follow.  Both singing and dancing, taken as a serious training, can give her this structure. This is what is call body work; that is training the body and the mind into one direction.

Another skill that i would help her with, is the ability to connect with her feelings, and emotions and the expression of these ; that is how can she be aware of the movement of her inner world, and let it out. Finding the right teachers (i think Barcelona is a great city for this) and the right approach is vital. There is something creatively therapeutic that can be worked on very early with Kenya; i see the blurring of her fifth and sixth houses as place of transit between art and healing, art and self healing, art and self work, self expression and health, etc.

And, as i said in my previous post, i would give Kenya the opportunity to study the concept of sacred art; and of the different approaches from different civilizations to dance and singing. Her Vesta in her ninth house is pretty interesting; i think infusing her creative practice with an opening the the vastness of the humanity's expressiveness would be a good study field for her.

These are my few cents for you,

I hope it is helpful,

A hug to you and Kenya


Title: Re: Music, Art and Dancing.
Post by: paloma on November 02, 2006, 08:39:21 AM
Hello everyone, Jackie shares with us her experiences regarding creativity and self esteem. Thank you Jackie!

Hola Paloma!

I am sending an email because I don't know whether this is appropriate to post.  If you think it is, please feel free.  I am learning so much from reading your comments to others.   I just read your comments to "Music, Art and Dancing" at ASR.  This is sooo crucial to what I am now healing:  You can see connections in my chart.  What I can add is that Mom, through her own heritage and personality, encouraged intellectual pursuits and actively discouraged any creativity.  In fact, as an adult, I heard her say "You have to get a job and then you can be creative."  I do understand she wanted me to be financially secure.  However . . . . it took a major act of defiance on my part to study dance.  And that study fostered discipline as a part of my creativity.  I am still healing all the self-esteem issues and learning to allow myself to taste the sweetness within and without - tho I have made great progress.  Life provides opportunities!

 Again I want to say how helpful I find your ideas and choices of words.  Wish I could speak/write Spanish as well as you write English.