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Title: Tarot Readings when Mercury is Retrograde...
Post by: paloma on November 09, 2006, 06:45:32 AM
Hola  Paloma :
I would like to know if it is o.k to do tarot readings when mercury is retrograde as it is right now in November.
I'll be having a reading tomorrow thursday the 9 at 3:00 p.m.
Also, I was told that I'm very close to meet my true soulmate within the next 4 months is it true?
Your response will be greately appreciated.
Greetings from Los Angeles !
Saludos ! !

Title: Re: Tarot Readings when Mercury is Retrograde...
Post by: paloma on November 09, 2006, 06:50:42 AM
Hello Adolfo,

As anything that has to do with communication, messages, readings, understanding, listening and anything related to mental processing of the senses receptiveness, i would say that with Mercury retrograde one has to be extra careful on any message given and received.

My image here is backward interpretation. This is the trick: we have a raw message, the tarot; we have a reader/interpreter, the 'tarotero', and we have a receiver, in this case, you. There is a communication path, and at some point along it, the signal passing through could have some interferences, right? The Mercury retrograding effect, in my opinion, is more apt to be happening either between the reader and the cards -that is his/her interpretation-  or between the reader and you -his message to you and your receptiveness to it. As a human flaw, we could have mixed communication; coming from the tarot reader, it could be lack of clarity in explaining the symbols involved in the reading, muddy messages, or maybe a negative approach to the situation, or maybe a lack of receptiveness from his/her part to your question, for example. In your case, it could be a confused state of mind in which you might not ask the right questions, or maybe a lack or receptivity to what the reader is saying... etc. You get the picture, right?

Mercury is backwards in Scorpio, often associated with the occult and esoteric arts, with research and detective work, with digging for the truth.... so on another note , Mercury here could be working on a favorable aspect regarding the reading; it could make visible things that are occult, and hidden; some important truth might come out, you could have a completely different view to an old situation... the possibilities are endless.

Just remember that Mercury is a trickster, so be careful with traps and tricks, espacially in your own mind... usually words are the trickiest of all, so, my take is, open all your senses wide, be as receptive as you can be, do not have pre-made assumptions of what you want to hear; listen with your body, monitor what you feel, not only what you think; ask questions when you are not clear about what the reader is telling you, do not accept all that is said to you as truth written in stone; take notes, wait until Mercury is back on track, review your notes and see if something has changed in your reception of the message, in the meaning it has to you; and most importantly, do not make important and life changing decisions based on one and only reading... confront the results of your query with other sources, and especially with common sense.

Take this as an opportunity to go Scorpio, that is look deep;

Good luck and let us know how it went.

About the soul mate question, i might take it another day :)

Hasta pronto,