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Title: Life is scarey; I feel sad.
Post by: deirdre on November 16, 2006, 04:40:06 AM

I'm just going thru so much right now. I'm the proverbial "empty pitcher", a single mom with one in college, one a senior in high school. Struggling as I maintain FT and PT jobs. I just am exhausted.

It seems on every plane of my life, things are closing. My kids are leaving the nest, my relationship broke up, I'm burnt out at my jobs and want to be creative. I know my life work is in the arts. Right now I satisfy my creative urges in the fiber arts, knitting, spinning wool, while my other art supplies sit in

I would be very grateful for any feedback.

Carolyn H

natal chart:

Title: Re: Life is scarey; I feel sad.
Post by: deirdre on November 16, 2006, 05:31:53 AM
Dear Carolyn,

I can certainly understand that after raising kids and working so hard that you ARE exhausted. There is a message in your chart that to access the creativity you long for, the path is through the spiritual. I think the hamster wheel upon which you are running is not far at all from this path, but as long as you are on the wheel, the path is hard to see.

I have a delicate question for you. Are your kids also on a hamster wheel? Are they working hard to achieve thieir academic and financial goals? Are there boundaries you would like to set here?

I would say that from an outside point of view, this is not working for you to have a full time and a part time job. I say this only because of what you say, being exhausted not getting to express yourself creatively, and where is your sex life? Isnt the answer that there is no time?

You are a Virgo ascendant so lets talk about increments of time and how scheduling works out in your chart. Your ruler is Mercury retrograde in Libra. How has this current Mercury retrograde been for you? Have you received some important signals from the depths of your being? What were they? Your Mercury is conjunct Neptune in the 3rd house. Dear Carolyn, you need pleasant quiet

Title: Re: Life is scarey; I feel sad.
Post by: deirdre on November 16, 2006, 06:10:25 PM
Hi Deirdre:

I was so happy when I read your response! I didn't think anyone would! Basically, I breathed a hugh sigh of relief. Like, ok Carolyn, it's ok for restructure. It's time to get to the right place.

I also am amazed that you focused in on the "quiet" issue. I currently am surrounded day and night by noise. My job is very, very high tension and I am "taking in" people's problems all day (I pre-screen people for mental health and substance treatment). My current apartment is so loud. My son and I are very quiet people. The people upstairs are very inconsiderate and very loud. I thought it was me, my PTSD from childhood abuse. I shake inside at times when they jump and drop loud things while I am sitting quietly and doing whatever it is. I realize now that I need to focus in on seeking quiet time. It is really important.

I am intrigued by the transit this spring! More on that, please. I am ready to prepare for it.

Basically, I want as much advice as you (or any of the other astrologers) can dish out. I am a sponge. You were very loving in your response.  I need direction very much.

As far as sex, that would be...huh? Since my boyfriend broke up with me in June, I have not had the strength to put out that kind of vibe to look for another man. I feel pretty shredded up in the relationship department. I miss him and I miss the wonderful sex life we did have. I look forward to much, much more advce from you, Dierdre. If you are willing to spend the time with me, I am very open.

Peace and love,