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Title: Baby's First Chart
Post by: deirdre on March 15, 2008, 06:40:49 AM
Dear Deirdre,
My brother and his wife just had a baby girl and we would love you to do her astrological chart.
Thanks in advance,

Dear Paul,
What an ambitious little girl, into everything. She has a chart with many houses activated, not just focusing in on one area. As a baby she love all kinds stimulation and I think as a kid she'll be interested in all kinds of clubs and have different hobbies. With Venus at the crown of her chart in leo in the 10th house, she maybe attracted to  something artistic or she may appear on stage or model. With Jupiter, Vesta and Pluto in the second house, she has a LOT of self confidence -- she knows one of her greatest strengths is making people laugh, and she'll love laughing too.

As a Scorpio rising, she might be hard for people to figure out. She may appear peaceful but she'll always be observing, taking in every detail. She may carefully at people read their body language, look in their eyes and she'll know what's going on. Her ancient and modern chart rulers stand in opposition to each other, softened on both sides by Venus and Moon. She will attract pwerful opponents in her life, and she may use these encounters to further her self esteem and personal development. She will be a good judge of character, will not let herself be taken advantage of.

She'll be very ambitious, even as a baby, she'll want to roll over, say full sentences and run, but you can remind her to stop and smell the flowers.

Do not insult her unless you want to receive her wrath, she will staunchly defend herself, almost by saying nothing, just with her energy. She has a strong strong strong will and looking at the contact between Sun andn Mars, she will never be fat.

With Saturn in the 10th house, when she is older she may be afraid that she won't reach the career she wants or she may often think she will be fired, but the truth is, she will be irreplaceable and she will always get promoted. She'll keep going up the ladder and will be motivated by fear that she could lose her job. She most likely never will but for this reason she will have a lot of back up plans.

She may experience her Dad as a very careful, sun trine chiron, pleasant (sun in Libra) casual man and a bit eccentric (sun in the 11th house. She will love his gentle soothing comfort and words. She will passionately love cooking with her mother, Moon at 29 Aries, dressing nicely, being in lovely restaurants and eating foods she loves. When she cooks at home she may want to clean afterward with vigor, Moon in Aries in the 6th house.

She will love bright deep brilliant colors and large precious jewels, this is the combination of Scorpio rising and And Venus in Leo trine Pluto. She will have a very soft spot for the people she loves, Venus opposed chiron and Neptune.
As a Scorpio rising  with the Mars Pluto opposition, she will always know what she wants, and she'll go after it fast furiously and forever.

Welcoming your new niece to the Planet, Yours, Deirdre