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Title: Power in the 10th House Garden
Post by: deirdre on March 19, 2008, 02:50:57 PM
A reader writes in: I have been trying to study astrology for the past 3 years and I find discrepancies between planet interpretations and my experience with life.  I have gone through much in my life and I feel the Chiron placement in the 4th house of my chart is very accurate. My father most definitely is depicted for the lower half of my chart.

What I can't seem to figure is the top half and all that I read doesn't seem to fit either. Can the 10th house mean something else besides politics, power and career? The first two I care nothing for and as to the last my career is that of a perennial grower.

At the very bottom of all my struggles in life has been my feelings of insecurity. Shame of my very being left me emotionally stunted coloring all aspects of my life. Shame was the very essence, filter through which all my experiences were perceived.

It is only the heart that can know and is able to conceive that we are Valuable beyond measure and this truth known within dispels the lie. I would love to do something to help make known this real beauty that we have. Can you tell me what you think?