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1  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Free All-Night Access to Dreams on: April 18, 2008, 06:18:40 AM
Hi Deirdre
I am wondering if you can please tell me what you see pressing in my chart. I have a shop and the market is not good, so I do not feel safe and I am getting blocked in other areas of my life. All I want to do is sleep, but I have to work all the time. I know everything is a cycle, but now I am a bear in hibernation.

I am always thinking very analytically. I always feel I need to look beneath the surface. I search a lot and I have this feeling I want to go to the end of learning, this is such a mystery for me.

Thank you for your time
Gia, a Pisces from Greece

..........          ..........          ..........          ..........          ..........          ..........          ..........          ..........

Dear Gia,
I get the impression that your dreams are running better than your business, and maybe there is something magical in this for you. What is going on in your dreams? It is time to rembember them and follow the path.

Pisces can often times have fluid access to imagination.. No one is sure if we are daydreaming, night dreaming or just imaginative. Is this the case with you? This year it is as if you wake up in your dreams and start living them. Uranus is is passing over your natal Sun at the same time Neptune is passing over natal Mercury. From what do you want to be free? How do you want to live which you have been keeping a secret from yourself? This is all coming available to you now -- to live where you want to live, to do want you want to do and to be creative. What do you think is the message to the blocks? I think you know.

Much love,

To see this answer with accompanying illustrations and chart, click here:

2  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Am I really a Capricorn? on: April 16, 2008, 05:48:36 AM
A reader writes in:
Hi Deirdre,

I am a January x 1988 Capricorn and I have been wondering about my sign for a long time now. Everything that I read about Capricorn seems so unlike me. I identify with both of my neighboring signs way more then I do with my own. I think I could honestly be a Sagittarius or an Aquarius. They both really seem to fit my personality, almost a mix between the two. I read somewhere that the dates that determine the sign are different in western astrology. According to Sidereal astrology or the position of the constellations I would be considered a Sagittarius. What do you think? Which horoscope should I read for, Capricorn or Sagittarius? I would love to hear your opinion on this matter. Thank you soooo much!

..........          ..........          ..........          ..........          ..........          ..........          ..........          ..........

My response:
You are in fact a Capricorn. Here is your chart: The Sun was at 15 degrees Capricorn when you were born. So definitely read Capricorn.

But don't stop there. I do also see the connection you mentioned to Sagittarius and Aquarius. The ruler of your Sun sign, Capricorn, is Saturn, and in the year you were born, Saturn was conjunct, (together mixed in with) Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, thus the familiarity you feel with Aquarius. Furthermore, Uranus and Saturn were both in the sign Sagittarius. It was a historic time during this rare configuration. Little did anyone know, that when you were born, the Berlin Wall would fall the following year. Similarly, this rare conjunction of Uranus and Saturn in Sagittarius may also describe your peer group. It may be that your peer group in general including  the other signs too, feel a little bit like Sagittarians and Aquarians also.

I think the way this conjunction effects you compared with the pure text book version of Capricorn, is you may be more optimistic (because of the Sagittarius influence) and less hung up on tradition (because of the Aquarius influence). That's my impression of how it might feel to be you.

I think when magazine and newspaper horoscope writers, like Eric Francis, write monthly and weekly horoscopes, my sense is go for reading Capricorn first, process thoroughly. Then, mix in a few tablespoons of Sagittarius, and lots of dashes of Aquarius, to taste.

Do you know the exact time you were born? That will most likely shed even a lot more light on your multi faceted chart, I calculated yours noon, just to be able to create the basic idea.

Cheers to you

To see this answer with accompanying illustrations and chart, click here:
3  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Uranus Leads to Love on: April 15, 2008, 08:01:12 PM
Hi Deirdre,
4  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Vesta & Rites of Spring on: April 09, 2008, 05:10:18 AM
A reader writes in:

Dear Deirdre,

Thank you for your blog. I enjoy reading about charts! Now here is what I'm curious about:

I am wondering if there is any special thing I can be aware of, considering that Venus and Mars were both in Aries at the time of my birth. My sun sign is Pisces and over the past year and a bit, I've have formed four new friendships with Aries men. Three of these friendships have a really exciting quality about them, and especially two have a child-like innocence and magical feeling. And one of them, is extremely volatile. It's driving me slightly mad, but of course, everything's good I'm learning a lot in the process and feeling an intense drive to grow and grow and grow. So I wondered, realizing yesterday upon looking at my birth chart, that I had Venus and Mars in Aries, if you had any advice on how I can make the best of this volatility. I don't want a crazy emotional rollercoaster or drama. I want to find peace within the fire....does this make sense?

Thanks so much, I hope all is well with you. Smiley

P.S. I feel a little scared to send this and I also feel sort of embarrassed that I'm scared. Anyway, love to you. e Smiley

......      ......      ......      ......      ......      ......      ......      ......      ......      ......      ......

My Response:

Dear e,

You wrote that you want to make the best of
5  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Babylust, Saturn & Neptune on: April 02, 2008, 10:06:47 AM
A reader writes in:
Dear Deirdre,
I am 37 years old and for the past 5-6 months I have been getting very strong urges that it is time to begin having a family. I have a wonderful boyfriend but we have had a very unstable relationship over the past 5 years. We love each other but he has been going through a pretty significant Neptune transit which has resulted in him being quite confused over where he wants to call "home". I am from Canada and he is from Iran. He has gone back and forth from his home country throughout our relationship. Financially, we are also not very prepared to begin a family as he is just beginning to think about starting his own business. I have gone through my own significant transits, Pluto square Pluto recently and have come to the realization that I no longer expect "marriage" and perhaps some of the "traditional" trimmings of relationships and that if we have achild, it may be left mostly in my hands to provide the care as neither of us have a lot of family where we live. I have spoken to him about having children and he said he will think about it. I know though that if I continue to have conversations with him about this issue, likely it will happen for me. On the surface, it appears that I am very unprepared financially and socially to begin having a family. Some of my career and travel plans will also need to be altered if I go through with the decision to have one. But how can I ignore this growing urge inside? Can you provide some guidance?

Thank You, L

......      ......      ......      ......      ......      ......      ......      ......

My Response:
Dear L,
I don't know of a way nor do I recommend ignoring the growing urge inside. This might be your Moon in Pisces in the 12th wanting to do the ignoring, but your Taurus Sun conjunct Saturn in the 1st is not willing to put on blinders. In fact, as a Taurus you already seem to be pretty far along with the project, with your natural sense of the scope of work, time and money entailed.

You seem to have a realistic sense of your boyfriend's life intention in the moment as you said he is not sure where he wants to live and he is about to start a business. There is a possibility that even if he will be in the same country as you, it could be that most of his time will be devoted to the business. You seem to be aware that he has not given you any signal to prioritize or be the driving force in this project.

Therefore, I would proceed knowing that when a child is born, so are legal and emotional rights. I would make sure that you have 100% custody of the child, so you have the freedom to live wherever you want and send your child to whatever school you want. If your boyfriend wants equal custody, I would consider developing a contract stating the terms with the amount of support, and the agreement to a common lifestyle with the child and you. A child has the moral and emotional right to see its father, but a child cant buy the plane ticket on its own for the first couple decades of its life. An international lifestyle adds financial and emotional expenses. If a contract with your boyfriend seems impossible to get on paper, this will be the sign that you are the sole project manager.

I write this way to you because you are a Taurus with Saturn conjunct. I think delving into the responsibilities will shed a lot of light on you and your boyfriend and your levels of commitment and make it clear why this is an urge you will be happy to explore.

In terms of the astrology, both of you have strong Saturn aspects to your Suns and both of you have Sun and Moon respectively connecting to Neptune. I think in the highest light you will both benefit greatly as individuals when setting boundaries in the relationship. It is also as if something you have in common is seeing your lives as both a documentary as well as a romance. It may be that your way as a couple is to acknowledge that there are a couple of movies playing at once, and this could be fun considering how seriously both of you take responsibilities once you decide to commit.

Thanks for writing, Yours, Deirdre.

To see this answer with accompanying illustrations and chart, click here:
6  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Stellium in Aries: Where Do I Belong? on: March 31, 2008, 07:46:26 AM
This makes a whole lot of sense. I'm going through my journal notes from past years and it seems that the first week of April has been an active, often tumultuous time.
I saw a shamanic reiki healer on the weekend, incidentally she told me specifically that i should find more grounding in order to strengthen my link to the spirit world (which is there, but has the scope to be much stronger). She also spoke of the relationship between me and my girlfriend. She mentioned that we both have a very powerful sense of our own energy; that instead of there being energy lines between us siphoning off and taking away from each others' energy - like many relationships - we stand side by side as solid equals with 'orbs' binding us, allowing us to maintain our sense of self. Pretty special situation (and a nice change from previous relationships)
The Chiron square sounds very interesting indeed...will keep all that in mind.
The grounding fact is very important i feel. You've helped to make this very clear. I'm also quite mindblown at how timely this exchange has come; perfect timing to watch and understand the stellium in action.
Deirdre, I owe ya big time. Thanks so much for all this.
Will stay in touch and let you know how everything goes.
Cam x
7  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Stellium in Aries: Where Do I Belong? on: March 31, 2008, 07:40:57 AM
Oh! It did get cut off. Hey, that's exciting. The woman and the travel booking in a few days.
There are some notes I have that I ended up not putting into ma response.
One was this idea of a diary for this 14-day period to be more specific, here is more detail for this years:

March 30 sun conjuncts vesta. Vesta is devotion to your inner fire.
April 1  Sun conjuncts Pholus look for something very small having huge repercussions
April 2 Sun conjunct Moon, harmony between soul and emotion
April 3 Sun conjunct Mars, a LOT of physical energy
April 4 Sun conjunct Eris, the chance to see your personality in the structure of a kaleidoscpe
April 15 Sun conjunct Venus for you a good day to attract what you want.

All of these conjunctions are give or take a day. This is your stellium in Aries. Observing how the Sun transits interact with your life will be fascinating for the next couple of weeks, I am sure.

The reason I emphasis, is because having a strong sense of your stellium is going to give you the strength to maintain your identity in relationship. In your chart, natal Chiron is in the 7th house
8  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Stellium in Aries: Where Do I Belong? on: March 31, 2008, 07:39:35 AM
I think some of your message got cut off - would love to hear more if there was more
Everything you've said so far has felt like a revelation, but also so familiar and 'right'. I'm pretty much going to book in my flight in the next couple of days. I'm also chasing a woman Smiley And she is very much worth the chase. I think I have a life mission with this woman, and we both need to travel to find more of ourselves and unite our futures.
Exciting times ahead. You've made me feel so great about everything at such a critical crossroads moment.
Thanks so much
9  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Stellium in Aries: Where Do I Belong? on: March 31, 2008, 07:38:58 AM
Cam, It seems your work is to share your most personal self. Your natal North Node is in Gemini, and the ruler of that is Mercury in Pisces. 9th house is world travel, like as far away as possible and a lot. Its also
10  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Stellium in Aries: Where Do I Belong? on: March 31, 2008, 07:37:07 AM
Just wanted to thankyou heaps for your extremely insightful take on my chart - it all made a LOT of sense and clarified a great deal. Man, I had no idea how much fire i had going on in there. Explains a lot. This pressure cooker balancing of fire n water is the perfect analogy to how I find myself feeling regularly. Anyway, can't thank you enough.
Also, I am indeed a subscriber to Planetwaves and it was great to read the stuff on Eris.
Feelin' that fish connection on the other side of the pacific..
11  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Stellium in Aries: Where Do I Belong? on: March 29, 2008, 09:12:26 AM
A reader writes in:
Dear Deirdre,
Since Uranus went into my sign in 2003 I cannot tell you of the massive overhaul that has taken place in all facets of my life, not to mention recently with transiting Pluto sextiling my natal Pluto and effecting my whole chart.

Constant revision of my ideals and beliefs and relentless desire to evolve, have given me a thirst for knowledge and understanding the nature of things, particularly through a better understanding of astrology, which I am teaching myself.

This year feels like a pretty potent one. I recently put a halt on what had been my intention to study. Now I love having all this free time on my hands, and am hugely excited at all this freedom, but a little irked at where I'm headed next.

I am a musician and writer and I know I have something to communicate to people in this lifetime. I've always been very passionate about social and political issues. I've been paid to write articles for youth on relevant issues in the past. Always been a bit of a political dissenter, I am passionate about bringing about a better way of living for humanity. I know there is a better way for us to be. My whole life I've strived to understand more about life so that I can articulate what I think is wrong with its systems, the attitudes we have and the limits we put on ourselves... ...and I think what is irking me is not knowing where I'm supposed to fit in right now - definitely career wise, and in general.

Sorry to harp on, but I would love to get some expert feedback from your fine self if you got the time. I'd really appreciate it : )


My response:
Dear Cam,
I can imagine you are sizzling with energy about where you fit in. Sometimes, when people have all of their personal planets in the lower part of their charts, they wonder, where do I fit in? Having a very active inner world can make the outer world seem like an unknown, even if it is not.

If we look at your chart and ask, where are you "supposed to fit in" my impression is you are asking how to integrate the  lower half of your chart with the upper part of your chart, as well as integrate the elements water and fire.

My impression is your personal world is like a stove, cooking personal creative ideas. Your outer world is where your creative works is reflected as your 10th house ruler is the Moon which is in Aries, a very individual impulsive sign, like a spark plug which starts the engine. Aries is Fire.

What is also important in your chart is that your Moon is in a stellium in Aries with Vesta, Pholus, Mars, Eris, and Venus. This is incredibly active energy. With Mars here you may feel like you want to go into overdrive, but with Pholus combined there is some caution to bring awareness everyday to the material you send out in the world because you can have a big and fast effect. With awareness you create the effect you want. What you do is interesting because as a Pisces, you are a water sign, but with so much fire you are in a constant state of dynamic equilibrium, trying to keep yourself at room temperature, so that you don't dissipate as steam, but always cooking. An image is boiling water, or steam power and a lot of it.

We are currently in Aries season. This is the time when the Sun is passing by your stellium. Every year, for the first two weeks in April, the Sun passes your natal Vesta, Pholus, Mars, Eris, and Venus. What are your memories of previous Aprils from previous years? This will give you a good idea of where your steam power comes from. Eric Francis wrote another article on Eris, which may be interesting to you. You can read his introduction to the article, and read the rest through the longer article which is part of the Planet Waves Subscription T'is the season to learn and live your chart especially every year from April 1 through April 15.

When you ask where you fit in, with so much activity in Aries, I say, you fit in your body. Your body is the housing for the steam engine driving creative work, and the creative work is at home in the world. When you take care of your body this is like keeping the temperature somewhere below 212
12  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Saturn - Uranus Opposition on: March 26, 2008, 02:17:51 PM
Dear Emma,

You are very welcome. I tuned in really deeply and thought very very hard! You inspired me! Your 10th house pursuits sound FANTASTIC! I am very excited for you. Please keep me updated, I love hearing how Life unfolds, and curves and turns.

Yours sincerely,

13  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Saturn - Uranus Opposition on: March 26, 2008, 11:20:35 AM
Deirdre Hi
I Just wanted to start by saying a huge thanks for taking the time to, go over my chart and, address my question.

You managed to cover all my anxieties at once really. I'm so happy that you addressed it in a sensitive manner. Other people I have spoken to made this transit sound a horror story. Amazingly the fourth house in my case is represented by my father, this should be an interesting time.
I am currently trying to work alongside Saturn. however, I recognise that I need to establish the ground work first. So, I have made some decisions. I have decided to volunteer with an organization I admire a couple of days per week. I start training in April &, return to study in September to complete a diploma in Hypnotherapy and counselling. Maybe this is the responsibility you spoke of. I would also like to start up a help group alongside as well. I will take this seriously too if i can make it happen.
If it's ok, I'll keep you updated on my progress.
Thanks again
14  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Saturn - Uranus Opposition on: March 26, 2008, 09:18:54 AM
A reader writes in:
I just wanted to ask you about the Saturn - Uranus opposition happening for me in 2009.
Maybe you could take a look. It seems pretty significant.
Thanks, Emma

My response:
Dear Emma,
I see what you mean about this opposition and how it is moving toward aligning with your modern chart ruler, Pluto, conjunct your natal Moon at 28
15  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Uranus, Pisces and The Wish for a New Job on: March 24, 2008, 08:59:07 PM
A reader writes in:
Hi Deirdre,
I am nervous about making a job change even though I don't like my current job because I don't get along with my boss. I have an interview this week where I think would be a better team for me to work with. I know the CEO (to whom I'd report) from a previous career and she and I can connect far better than my current boss. Plus, she hires people from different cultures to ensure diversity and tolerance and I admire that about her.

I'm very nervous about changing jobs. I'm afraid I'd be making a mistake. I feel supported and confident in either case, but my current boss takes a lot of my energy with games and lies.

I'm also nervous about the new position taking time away from some other ventures I'm into like building a farm with my husband, writing a book of poetry, and revisiting my creative self that I abandoned to be more "practical" about my career. But, in fact, I think the current boss wastes so much of my precious energy with his horrific management style, that I'm pretty sure I'll do just fine.

I'm interested in any perspective you can add based on my chart.

K Pisces

My Response:
Dear K Pisces,
I imagine you have put in a lot of hard work at your soon-to-be old job and you are ready for a burst of new energy, new life and a new team, so go for it. You were born with the Sun conjunct Saturn
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