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16  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / How Do I Know What I Need? on: March 24, 2008, 09:41:18 AM
A reader writes in:
Dear Deirdre,
How do I know what I need?
Will I have to give up something to get it?
L from Boston

My Response:
Dear L from Boston,
Before I looked at your chart, I thought about what planet I would look at and I decided on the Moon. Your question felt to me like an emotional one and the Moon has a lot to say about needs, especially emotional ones. So a Moon can show what you need, or what feels comfortable, but your question is more about How do you know what you need, and that gets into self awareness. It is nice to get answers, like concrete answers to a question like this, so I thought what is there in the world which will be the sign posts along the path and I think in your case this is your visual art.

So when I opened your chart and saw Moon in the placement of fun and creativity, and in a strong and bold earth sign, this verified to me the value for you of seeing your own artwork in your hands. It is similar to earning money and having gold coins in your apron pocket, but more personal.

In your chart your Moon is on one hand so rock solid and fun and reliable and on the other hand completely etherial and not of this world. This is Moon in opposition to Neptune. It's a little like that question what is heavier, a pound of feathers or a pound of peat moss. This is the image I get for your creative and emotional process, that you are able to take a pound of feathers (or a pound of happiness, sadness, fear and using alchemy convert this into an object) Now that's magic! But how does it happen and do you need it and How do you know what you need?

My impression is you need safety to be the creative person you are (Moon in the 5th) but keep your creative process personal, contained and private. It seems that your creative experience is very spiritual and admirably fragile (Moon opposed Neptune), and plays a crucial role in your self esteem (Uranus opposed Chiron, Neptune being Chiron's dispositor). Therefore, the way you make creative decisions is most likely one of your greatest treasures so this I would guard with my life.

I would experiment with letting your work be in the public light, while keeping your self more removed. This may look like your work is at an exposition and you are not, while you are at your home with a few safe and treasured colleagues. With the North Node in Aries on the nadir it may be that being in public draws you away from nesting.

I would concentrate on creating a salon kind of room at home where a hand select few approved loving friends are invited. I would make sure to hang mirrors where you can see yourself from your favorite chair. Ideally in the summer I would meet in a circle around a fire.

But most importantly I would give up on, re-route or at least bring some awareness to the role perfectionism plays in your identity. In short I would honor privacy and toss perfectionism. this will give you the quiet to know what you need. I can see options in what a chart may suggest, but you are the person with heart and blood and I think quiet and privacy is the ticket to the environment to know how you know what you will need.
17  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Parents Ask About Daughter Abroad on: March 21, 2008, 09:01:31 PM
A reader writes in:
Dear Deirdre,
Our daughter is traveling abroad to Texas next year and we are all wondering how this will be. Please tell us what the stars have to say about the coming year for her.
Worried German Parents

My response:
Dear Worried German Parents,
Rest assured: your daughter is born with luck on her side (North Node in Sagittarius trining Midheaven). Part of what she can embrace in her lifetime is that she doesn
18  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Power in the 10th House Garden on: March 19, 2008, 02:50:57 PM
A reader writes in: I have been trying to study astrology for the past 3 years and I find discrepancies between planet interpretations and my experience with life.  I have gone through much in my life and I feel the Chiron placement in the 4th house of my chart is very accurate. My father most definitely is depicted for the lower half of my chart.

What I can't seem to figure is the top half and all that I read doesn't seem to fit either. Can the 10th house mean something else besides politics, power and career? The first two I care nothing for and as to the last my career is that of a perennial grower.

At the very bottom of all my struggles in life has been my feelings of insecurity. Shame of my very being left me emotionally stunted coloring all aspects of my life. Shame was the very essence, filter through which all my experiences were perceived.

It is only the heart that can know and is able to conceive that we are Valuable beyond measure and this truth known within dispels the lie. I would love to do something to help make known this real beauty that we have. Can you tell me what you think?
19  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Looking and Listening for a Calling on: March 18, 2008, 11:56:20 AM
A reader writes in:
Despite my  belief that the universe does not mean for any of us to struggle, I feel I've been precisely struggling for a couple of years at least. Last year I read that with Jupiter in my 10th house my career was in the spotlight, yet it proved a very difficult year indeed.

I do some freelance work and found my day rates being cut [I largely work for charities] and I've also just been made redundant from my part time job [the 4th  time since I've had children!] Is the universe telling me to do something else?

I do need to work as I am a lone parent to a 12 and 13 year old [I have been on my own for 8 years]. At the same time, I'm pulled. Do I just need to 'release the need' to work and trust in the universe?

I would be very grateful indeed for any insights. Have I lessons to learn? What's on my horizon? With my children older now, I have decided to be more sociable and also put some energy into finding a fabulous relationship too! What is the universe telling me?
20  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / A Question about Kids and Initials on: March 17, 2008, 06:14:00 PM
A Libra writes in with birth details and asks:

My Response:
Dear Libran,
So far, with the kind of astrology I do, I have never seen the initials of anyone, but that would be interesting and fun for sure. What I do see in the solar chart I set up for you is that you may enjoy having an unconventional kind of family life, where kids and grown-ups are both treated with respect, that family meals and gatherings may feature heated and intellectual discussion and that the type of spirituality you practice may be recorded in someone's files as rebellious.

As a Libra with North Node in Aries my sense is you you will learn very much in your life from partnership, which could earn you recognition should you choose to write about this. Cheers to your journey!
21  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Saturn and the Discipline of Love on: March 16, 2008, 06:56:07 AM
A reader writes in:
I have recently discovered that my partner has a Saturn square Sun aspect which is aspected to my Moon. My understanding is that this is not good! Could you shed some light on this please, particulary if this kinda thing is an indicator of an aspect with potential problems strong enough to break up a relationship (hypothetically of course). My partner will go through Saturn Returns in approx two years time (we got together seriously during mine) and I have fears this could be the time for change? Any assistance with what this means or how problems caused by this aspect could be helped would be greatly appreciated.
Cap Moon
My moon, Capricorn 17 degrees 8th house,
My partner's sun, Capricorn 18 degrees 4th house,
My partner's Saturn, Libra 22 degrees 12th house

Dear Cap Moon,
With the skeleton of information you gave me I made a diagram starting with your boyfriend's Saturn in the 12th, and then went to his Capricorn Sun in the 4th house. Then I added in your Cap Moon, just one degree away from your honey's. That was all the information you gave me, and that is helpful, because it shows how you are looking at your charts -- with trepidation! If I just look at a chart with only Saturn and the Sun and Moon both in Capricorn, I get very very serious and start to get scared, but that is not the whole picture at all!!!! It's a little like not going to the grocery store because there could be a pick-pocket and deciding to stay home and die of starvation.

As people interested in astrology, we do ourselves a favor by looking at our own charts with compassion love and joy for our futures. As astrologers, it is my opinion we have to commit to that or else sink into a puddle of fear. Especially with a focus on Saturn as it is the ruler of your Moon, I hereby restrict you to the emotion of love while you read any chart, especially your own.

You mention you got together during your Saturn Return, this means he is mighty important to you. Both of you have important personal planets in Capricorn contacting his Saturn. You can focus on the fear if you like, but I may add, Saturn connections, no matter what, they add longevity and seriousness.

As I made the diagram of the Saturn and your Capricorn Moon and his Capricorn Sun, the phrase came into my mind, "The only thing to fear is fear itself". And as I was drawing, one thing led to another and I kept on drawing and surprisingly enough, an oven mitt appeared before my eyes. I thought aha, this is protective so Ms. Cap Moon does not have to burn her hand on the Oven of Fear. Now, in honor of you, their exhists something called "The Mitt of Courage" which comes with a handy life saving ring to hang onto. To see "The Mitt of Courage", click here.

Whenever you find yourself getting afraid of your boyfriend's Saturn, make a nice souffl
22  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Baby's First Chart on: March 15, 2008, 06:40:49 AM
Dear Deirdre,
My brother and his wife just had a baby girl and we would love you to do her astrological chart.
Thanks in advance,

Dear Paul,
What an ambitious little girl, into everything. She has a chart with many houses activated, not just focusing in on one area. As a baby she love all kinds stimulation and I think as a kid she'll be interested in all kinds of clubs and have different hobbies. With Venus at the crown of her chart in leo in the 10th house, she maybe attracted to  something artistic or she may appear on stage or model. With Jupiter, Vesta and Pluto in the second house, she has a LOT of self confidence -- she knows one of her greatest strengths is making people laugh, and she'll love laughing too.

As a Scorpio rising, she might be hard for people to figure out. She may appear peaceful but she'll always be observing, taking in every detail. She may carefully at people read their body language, look in their eyes and she'll know what's going on. Her ancient and modern chart rulers stand in opposition to each other, softened on both sides by Venus and Moon. She will attract pwerful opponents in her life, and she may use these encounters to further her self esteem and personal development. She will be a good judge of character, will not let herself be taken advantage of.

She'll be very ambitious, even as a baby, she'll want to roll over, say full sentences and run, but you can remind her to stop and smell the flowers.

Do not insult her unless you want to receive her wrath, she will staunchly defend herself, almost by saying nothing, just with her energy. She has a strong strong strong will and looking at the contact between Sun andn Mars, she will never be fat.

With Saturn in the 10th house, when she is older she may be afraid that she won't reach the career she wants or she may often think she will be fired, but the truth is, she will be irreplaceable and she will always get promoted. She'll keep going up the ladder and will be motivated by fear that she could lose her job. She most likely never will but for this reason she will have a lot of back up plans.

She may experience her Dad as a very careful, sun trine chiron, pleasant (sun in Libra) casual man and a bit eccentric (sun in the 11th house. She will love his gentle soothing comfort and words. She will passionately love cooking with her mother, Moon at 29 Aries, dressing nicely, being in lovely restaurants and eating foods she loves. When she cooks at home she may want to clean afterward with vigor, Moon in Aries in the 6th house.

She will love bright deep brilliant colors and large precious jewels, this is the combination of Scorpio rising and And Venus in Leo trine Pluto. She will have a very soft spot for the people she loves, Venus opposed chiron and Neptune.
As a Scorpio rising  with the Mars Pluto opposition, she will always know what she wants, and she'll go after it fast furiously and forever.

Welcoming your new niece to the Planet, Yours, Deirdre
23  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Carpet Pulled Out From Under Aquarius on: March 15, 2008, 06:20:17 AM
Dear Deirdre,
A friend of mine's husband just left her out of the blue after 17 years. What can I tell my friend to calm her down? She is not sleeping or anything.


Dear Taurus-Who-Loves-Her-Friends,
This couple is being deeply effected by the powerful eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius axis. He is a Leo. She is an Aquarius. They can be sure that any changes happening from now until August 2009 will be aligning them with their ultimate purposes. The biggest question for both of them is: what have they been ignoring at the price of maintaining the status quo? That is the issue.

I have taken a good hard look at your girlfriend the Aquarius' chart. I think there is a good chance she has moon in Pisces, which means I think she is born sometime after 3:03pm. I think this last Lunar Eclipse in Virgo opposed her Moon in Pisces creating movement which feels like a crisis. In her chart, there is no other sign of the turmoil she is in. In fact this year is not about being broken hearted at all. 2008 is a year for seeing life as it is
24  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Leo Without A Rest on: March 09, 2008, 01:45:45 PM
Hi Deirdre,
For me it is time now to leave this apartment. We didn't move last year as you saw in in my stars but it took time to find a buyer and now we found somebody. I found an apartment not too far from the school but not as nice and big as here. So I am dreading the move and I could cry the whole day but as I have kids I always have to play to be strong...
I am with a guy who is not really there to support me as I need it. He has so many circumstances to manage in his life it seems to me. It is hard for me to accept it and to handle it. It hurts a lot and I don t know if I should end this relationship . But I also have so many good times with him which helps me to switch out of the daily routine and really have at least some days of relaxation. Or am I just being negative and seeing things dramatically?
The financial and career situation is a disaster. Well, as you see, I am a Leo full of doubts and fears about what will come next. Is this year going to be calmer?
Yours Truly,
Leo Without a Rest

Dear Leo Without a Rest,
2008 is a transition year for really almost everybody -- there have been major shifts, the kinds of changes that you and I and our friends in our lifetimes have never felt before.
There were some eclipses recently that have had a powerful effect on you. This last one which was on February 21 brought in a lot of energy for you to honor and tend to yourself
25  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Feedback Regarding Spiritual Awakening on: March 07, 2008, 07:19:05 AM
I am writing in regards to the "indigo children" theory.  I've been researching and reading for days and truly feel I may be an indigo.  I've always felt I have a "purpose" here on Earth that I could never completely grasp, I am overwhelmingly sensitive, to other people as well as sound, smell, sight, etc.  I am left handed, extremely intelligent, musically in tune.  While I feel I know the answer myself, I do not wish to "label" myself and I wish to seek some sort of guidance or help in my transition into my awakening.  All I have read has told me not to be scared, but all of this information has been a lot to take in.  I've always KNOWN that I am different from most people... and I feel that I finally understand why. I look forward to making a difference in this world, however I feel that I am my own worst enemy in many ways.  My physical and emotional worlds tend to get the best of me and I would GREATLY appreciate some feedback regarding my spiritual awakening and the process to becoming an enlightened person. -- L is for Leo

Dear L is for Leo,

Regarding Indigo, here is a link to more info on Indigo from Planet Waves:

I also really like what Doreen Virtue has to say about Indigos, too, but what I explain best is the astrology, and why this is causing you to write here, so I'm going to stick to the astrology.

I imagine you are very curious about your spiritual awakening because it seems so out of reach. So when I opened your chart I looked for something that would scream yet be hidden. Intuitively, this felt like Chiron, so I darted around your chart looking for Chiron and found it with the North Node intercepted in the 11th house. This is quite a magnet pull. Meanwhile, all of your personal planets are below the horizon, while Chiron and North Node are placed high in your chart. The sign Gemini is intercepted in the 11th house. Intercepted means all of one sign is compressed in a house with two different signs on the cusps. An intercepted sign is sometimes hard to sense, like a book without a cover, it takes some focus to get oriented to the nature of an intercepted house. Luckily, astrology can help. Chiron is also hard to sense, but you felt it and that is why you wrote in, it seems from raw impulse.

My impression is it will take a few periscopes to stumble upon the treasure chest on your path. It's almost like you were born and raised on a submarine and have read about or heard of something called the surface of the water, where boats and other forms of transportation can take you to something called land and air.

As a Leo, you are always the star of the submarine! But there are maximum a thousand people on the largest submarines. There is a lot more going on than meets the eye somewhere else. To get a sense of the magic which is possible, you can set up a few mirrors in your living space so you can see around corners and see if you see out of your interior world in a new way.

You asked about your process and I think it goes like this starting from the future and working toward the present: you may ultimately want to share your talents with the world. This is Chiron in Gemini in the 11th. I get the feeling you want to know what is your gift to share with your tribe. In Gemini, it looks like something with communication, maybe something with siblings or people who feel like siblings. Look for these people in the mirrors.

Then for the next step backwards, we look at Mercury because it is the ruler of Gemini, which is in Virgo in the second house. Mercury is also about communication and so is Virgo, so it could be that you want to write or even already love writing. Because there is a connection to Chiron, I wonder if there is some random shame you might be carrying around. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo too, so this is the end dispositor, like the end of the bus line, or a ferry line. You may wash up at a ferry stop with a few pencils and a notebook but that's thats about it, you need more! Another way out of the submarine is to write and talk your way out. Do this with "brother and sisters" you find reflected in the periscope mirrors.

To get more information to empower you on your way, we look back up at Chiron. There is a line shooting down from it, like a rope dangling from a crazy technical helicopter with University of Wild Acts written in hologram letters all over it. Holding on to this line leads to Uranus in Sagittarius in the 5th house. If you feel you are the good one who doesn't want to rebel, this is an important sign. Because of the way the mirrors are set up with a new perspective, you have found something kind of wild, something or someone which you know a bunch of other people think might is a lot of hogwash, a waste of time, purposeless, CRAZY. Jump there! I say this because there is something to talk about and write about there, and this is going to be good for your self esteem!

These are examples of ways to eject your way out of the submarine, see whats going on out there so you can let your firey sun shine reach out to find a larger audience. Talk with your brothers and sisters. This is just a starting point -- see where it goes from here.
26  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Can you overcome your lonliness if you are a Capricorn? on: March 05, 2008, 01:19:32 PM
It is lonely at the top, that is sure. Not many people fit up there. Mountains are pointy and small at the top, wider and wider as you descend. Lots of people fit down in the valley, in the low country where it's flat, not all that special and peoples' feet are grounded closer to sea level. It's lonely to work late and miss a yoga class, or become a boss and not eat at the same table in the cafeteria. It's also very lonely to work so hard to pay the mortgage but not be able to spend time with the family. It's also lonely to work so hard to afford a fancy something so you feel comfortable in public. It feels lonely to be disconnected from neighbors and friends and family.

Any way you cut it -- traditional, esoteric, ancient or modern, -- the ruler of Capricorn is just always Saturn which in its highest expression is even more spiritual than the 12th house. Saturn is also time. Loneliness would mean a Saturn imbalance, a time imbalance, the proportion of time feeling connected to people is less than the amount of time feeling meaningful connection to people leading to a spiritually disconnect. So what do you do?

Well, you like to work, right? What are you good at? Are you good at using computers? Do you know how to repair cars? Volunteer time somewhere to people who have serious issues going on which prevent them from earning money. Teach someone at a shelter how to use the program Word. Teach an older person how to write an email. Repair the van of a soup kitchen, or a center for abuse, for example. You might know of someone in your building or on your street who is bed ridden and they need someone to go to the store and get them some bananas toothpaste or toilet paper.

This gets you out with a new purpose, opens up your world, changes your patterns and shifts the ground you walk upon. Have fun!
27  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / What do Nodes have to do with Eclipses? on: August 28, 2007, 06:46:17 AM
Question: Just a quickie, so to speak. August 28th
28  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Letting Pluto Support You on: May 08, 2007, 04:31:51 AM
Dear Adolfo,

I am so glad you survived the car accident. This is a miracle, isn't it.

In your letter, you stated some wishes and here I word them how I understand them:

1. To close up your marriage and move on.

2. To find a new partner who wants to have children.

3. To help poor children in Mexico, the same way the people gathered around you and helped you right after the accident.

It seems like you feel money is stopping you. I definitly know how that feels. From the three wishes above, my impression is that the easiest to begin is the third one, because you can start researching organizations that help children in Mexico. This may be the school system, hospitals or a larger organization like Unicef. Write to several organizations and see who is receptive to you, who hears you. You may start being able to help from your home in Los Angelos. Or you may find a school in L.A. which is affiliated with a school in Mexico, like a sister school. Instead of having to drive to a property to earn money to help children, maybe you can just start now from home.

You may want to begin this as an evening project, after your day job. I think you may find this satisfies a deep desire in you. With Pluto in the 10th house you have the ear of powerful people at the top of organizations, especially when you do not do this for your own ego, (which clearly you do not) but to help people less fortunate than you. I think this will bring a new kind of flow in your life, and increase and broaden your community. Maybe by working on Wish No. 3, you may find some inspiration for Wishes No. 1 & 2!

I am still wondering, are you interested in cooking?

Yours sincerely,


29  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Letting Pluto Support You on: May 08, 2007, 04:05:16 AM
Hello Deidre !
Thank you for taking a moment of your valueable time to respond to my inquiry.
Your response is very inspiring and it made me not only think but actually meditate about the best way to respond to your questions.
To begin, as far as I can remember the accident took place April 21, between 12:30 to 1:00 p.m in the afternoon. I got rear-ended by a big Suburban and for some unknown reason I did not take my big truck and decided to take my small classic car, a 1980 Camaro (which has now been totaled).
That Saturday morning I was on my way to see a property for a client (I am a Real Estate agent here in Los Angeles, California) before leaving the house, I was telling my Mom and Dad what I had read in a magazine one day before and this is regarding an American writer that quoted "April is always the cruelest month".
And guess what?  I had the unfortunate opportunity to experience it myself first hand for free.... no charge.
When I felt the impact in the accident, all I could see, hear and feel is the shattering of broken glass, the rubbing of metal with metal and an ETERNAL uncontrollable trip of my car going non-stop. I was begging for my car to stop, stop and stop but no response. Finally my car came to a stop and I remember ending up all the way in the back of the passenger seat. I came out of the car walking. 
Then I lay down. I could not keep my balance. People carried me far from the car.
Now, I think I met a lot of people through the accident, mostly people who were helping me at the moment, but I remember an elderly couple who told me that it was not my fault, that I did not provoke the accident and that the SUV was to blame.

Also, I remember two paramedics asking me: "Are you O.K Sir? I told them that I had a big pain in the back of my head and my rib cage. They proceeded to put a neck collar on me to immobilize my head and neck, took my blood pressure, give me IV injection and then I was taking to an ambulance in route to the hospital.
What amazed me the most is to have seen all the wonderful and lovely people around me trying to help me, caring for me, trying to make me feel comfortable to say the least. I had never had a car accident in my life and this is something that will stay in my mind forever. How can I thank them? God knows.
As far as the people who hit me, I never knew about their fate any more.
Is there something I have been resisting?
I want to get married and have at least a child but the fear of facing divorce is preventing me from that.
What have I felt is my life purpose?
Last year I made a trip to Mexico and in that trip besides the fun and good times that I had, I saw the poverty that many, many Mexican children endure. There have been times that I say to myself if I do not have any children, I will definitely make a commitment to do something for Mexican children as soon as posible. This would lift my soul and spirit.
What is preventing me to do it ?
Lack of monetary resources. I have money but I know that I do not have enough to make this commitment soon this year.
As to my friend and business partner, I can tell you that we met at work three years ago. She introduced me to her boyfriend, a great and wonderful guy and the three of us became great friends. She finally invited me to her wedding last year and they are living a wonderful life. Unfortunally our friendship ended Last March, on 13 of March to be exact. Despite that bitter moment, I said a prayer for her and her husband and wish them the best in any new endeavours.
Thank you very much again Deirdre.
My sincere and deepest Blessings......
30  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Letting Pluto Support You on: May 06, 2007, 06:02:55 AM
Hello Deirdre at Planet Waves ! !
I want to tell you that on Saturday, April 21, I had a car accident.
I am a 28 degrees pisces rising and we had recently an eclipse at the same degree in pisces.

Also last month I had a terrible and sour argument with my best friend and business partner and we broke our relationship for good. (by the way, she is a virgo).
Are there more things to come?

Your reply will be greatly appreciated,

A concerned Cancer.


Dear Adolfo,

You must be really shaken up from the car accident, feeling the shock to your core. My sense is that this shock is a greater initiation aligning you with a greater purpose. I am sorry about the break up with the best friend / business partner. OUCH! I would say, go with the flow and imagine what comes next without that business partner, as painful as that is. Eventually it will make sense why with that person, perhaps you could not align your self with your greater truth, can that be?

I see 28, 29 and 0 degrees accentuated in your chart. Pluto is preparing to change signs, it is now at 29 and will go into Capricorn during 2008, activating receptive points in your chart. You may feel shaken up, but actually I think when the shock wears off, you will feel a sense of strength, and have more awareness of your power than ever. This is time at the cusp of change, not the end of the world.

The Sun was at 29
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