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31  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Libert on: May 05, 2007, 07:08:00 AM
The Debate
It used to be that Sarkozy could not contain his brutal political aggression, but during Wednesday
32  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Libert on: May 02, 2007, 05:21:45 AM
Regarding the exact ten o'clock time for Nicolas Sarkogy, this is from the French astrology site, Astrotheme, which is usually quite reliable. Elsewhere, I found no exact confirmation. In fact, some sites officially said "unconfirmed". When I took a look at his chart again and saw that he is an Aquarius with Chiron at 0
33  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Libert on: April 25, 2007, 03:32:38 AM
Hello Deidre,
My initial thought upon viewing the charts, was that Mr. Sarkozyx would win the election...that was my instinctive reaction.  I've felt for the past couple of years that this is a monumental time for Aquarians, and the fact that Ms. Royal has an Aquarius ascendant shows her to be a worthy opponent. Visually, their charts are quite different.  Ms. Royal has the majority of her planest in the western hemisphere, with a preponderance of planets in the 7,8, and 9th houses.  This tells me that she sets her goals high, and that she is greatly influenced by her environment and the people with whom she comes in contact with.  If she were a car, her environment would be her fuel.  Looking at Mr. Sarkozyxs' chart, he has more planets in the eastern hemisphere, with several in the first three houses...and in the last three as well.  This indicates that he has a strong individual personality, and that if he were a vehicle he'd be a standard...always prepared to self start. I agree with the comparisons made by the previous poster, who did a great job stating her conclusions.  There are a lot more things I see going on between the charts,without quite knowing how to express it in astrological I look forward to reading more of your interpretations Deidre.

rena s. 

34  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Libert on: April 24, 2007, 07:21:33 AM
Dear Cristina,

I love how you plugged right into the Sun Ascendant connection. I hadnt noticed that at all yet. The image I get from that is an aggressive yin yang, an association of secret admiration for each other and bringing out eachother's best.

You ask who will win. I am not deciding yet. I do have my ideas but first I am looking at S
35  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Libert on: April 22, 2007, 06:00:56 PM
What will the national motto of France be if S
36  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: The Paradox of Pisces when Neptune is in Aquarius on: April 17, 2007, 05:24:59 AM
Dear Fee,

You seem so hard on yourself, I can see why you would be scared of what's ahead when you feel all you are doing is wrong. Just enjoy your lover, and keep yourself the center of your universe always. What are your wishes? Tune in to your secrets, your wishes and your life goals. Mars is in Pisces now, go for it!

In English, at the end of a fairy tale we say, "And they all lived happily ever after".  At the end of German fairy tales they say, (I translate) "And if they didn't die, then they are still living." The loss you experienced four years ago may have felt more like the German fairy tale. I think what you are experiencing now is showing you a lot of life to live regarding getting to that happily ever after place -- which may not be what you thought it was or even what you convinced yourself you believed it was when you felt you were not living happily ever after.

My sense is happiness may not come in the form you once traditionally defined. I am speaking now of Pluto and Uranus in the 7th house. Do you have a secret notion of the way partnership could work for you? Do you swallow this because you'd like to do what your parents did or did not (Sun square Moon), but do it better, so you don't suffer like one or two of them may have? You resign to not having achieved what most people achieve by the age of 40. I would not say you are lost and confused, more waking up from a well-needed nap right on time.

Fear not! You are working toward next year's transiting Uranus conjunct your natal Sun. Good morning sunshine. My impression is you will be liberated from sad Pisces stuff steeped in mires of expectations (like the inner judge saying, "I should have done bla bla bla by now."). Uranus will guide you to release and shed the heavy expectations you pressure onto yourself. It's like you have a rebel kaleidoscope, as you try out new ways of living the rebellious aspect chunks beautifully rub up against each other modifying or blocking the view. Keep rotating, maybe you'll even find a new view which feels liberating. Or maybe the kaleidoscope is getting in the way. If so, toss it.

As an Aquarius ascendant, Saturn and Uranus are your ruling planets. And with Uranus natally in your 7th house, one of the many possibilities going on right now is you can break free of the pressure of how you thought you had to be with people, like in relationships. You have alchemy going on these days and years with the Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius transits. The Saturn-Neptune oppostion going on now can package this release for you. You are a Pisces and your ascendant is Aquarius. I think of Aquarius as being quite strict (Saturn) with their freedom (Uranus). Where you formally may have behaved like a strict rebel collapsing into Pisces emotion, you can now transform toward a soft Pisces rebel with an intellectual Aquarian distance and perspective on her emotions. Experiment with the proportions to the point where you find your safety and strength. Isnt this a relief to find out you can shift what you already have to feel strong and successfull? You can tune into all the strengths of Pisces intuition without being weak and you can tune into all the strengths of Aquarius and still be flexible and compassionate
37  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / The Paradox of Pisces when Neptune is in Aquarius on: April 17, 2007, 05:09:55 AM

Life has been very difficult.  Still grieving over huge loss four years ago.  Now it appears I've reached middle age, and I feel I haven't even made a start....

Haven't achieved the things in life that most people have by the age of 40 ish (relationships, steady job, friends) and I am lost and confused.

Being a silly bugger too. Smitten by someone 13 years junior to me (or is this my imagination going haywire - my feeling is he is symbolic of the youth and hope that I have lost.)

Scared of what's ahead.

Can you give some guidance here?

Many thanks,

38  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Sober and Loving It on: April 16, 2007, 07:25:22 AM
Dear Patty,

It's nice to know that you used the focus, awareness and discipline of your second Saturn return to manifest the cigarette-free lifestyle you now lead.

Congratulations on facing fears one day at a time,


39  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Sober and Loving It on: April 16, 2007, 07:13:00 AM
Dear Deirdre

My natal Saturn is in Leo in my 6th House and this is my second return.  During my first return I gave birth to my daughter. Since becoming interested in astrology several years ago, and reading and studying a lot, I kept wondering what the second return had in store for me.
Actually, I just knew it had something to do with my addiction to nicotine, and with Saturn in my 6th House, a house of health, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop as soon as Saturn entered Leo two years ago.  Well, nothing happened, I kept thinking maybe there weren't any big lessons this time around.
In January 2007 I became sick with pneumonia and continued to smoke -- just like I had been doing for 48 years -- but this time I wasn't getting well.  The pneumonia stuck around for a month until one Sunday morning I couldn't breathe. That's the day I had my last cigarette. Needless to say, with good medical care and some smoking cessation aids, I got well. My "knowing" was right on. Saturn and the Universe have been my teachers to stop smoking.
I haven't written this in the form of a question, but I love Planet Waves and I love this forum and wanted to share and get any feedback from any of the wonderful folks who address the issues on this site. 
SOBER and loving it,

40  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Lawsuit or not? on: April 15, 2007, 02:54:05 PM
Dear Deirdre:

The lawyer, who I really like, is suggesting mediation.
Unfortunately, mediation at my agency doesn't involve lawyers,
I'm supposed to do it myself.  But he thinks I have a strong case to
go forward if mediation fails.  And he's helping draft the request for
mediation to frame the discussion.

I completely understood what you were saying about justice.

You are a great writer and your note was extremely helpful.  I will be in touch.


41  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Lawsuit or not? on: April 15, 2007, 02:43:51 PM
Dear Karen,

After looking at the different aspects, I think you could reap a healthy harvest taking legal action
42  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Lawsuit or not? on: April 15, 2007, 02:42:38 PM
Dear Deirdre: 

I was told yesterday I have 60 days to finish working at my agency.  Although I have been getting positive feedback from other departments -- including human resources, AND I've been told by my former boss, (who really knows my work) that the issue of my performance has been confused with serious process problems introduced by management. 

Most oddly, yesterday, the division leader made it clear his real interest is that I suffer personally.  I'd been told he'd been chastised for mistreating employees and I've been told my situation is a personal vendetta, but I hadn't expected or experienced a vicious personal attack until yesterday.

My partner has been telling me to fight the system for a while and last night he told me I have to go to the workers' council to get legal representation.  I have always resisted trying to make things worse or increasing the level of conflict, but the extreme personal nature of yesterday's attack has me going to see a lawyer.

More than anything I want someone else to deal with Human Resources for me at this point.  I also could get more money or time, and I would not be adverse to making the vengeful idiot look bad.

There is a lot of stuff in the Taurus Spiral Door reading about learning to stand up for yourself.  But I also have something going on with Pluto/Jupiter that is some sort of warning about self righteousness.

I was all ready to quit and just move on until I was attacked.  I just wanted to check in with you about the self righteousness thing.  I need to guard against further downward spiraling.

Thanks for looking at this

43  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: How to do Saturn on: April 09, 2007, 09:22:43 PM
Hello Deirdre,
Well, well, well...what can I say?  Except Wow.  Creating stability has been a huge and ongoing challenge for me over these few years.  It has been impossible for me to do things the way I have always done them.  Trust me, I've tried:)  But, it's almost felt as if when I was on my well trodden path, that a big hand comes along and places it's palm directly on my forehead and I can almost hear a voice laughingly say "Now, now...just exactly where do you think you're going".  So my feet are still moving, trying to go, but the palm is just not allowing movement until I go another way.
First, when I read 'Shaker environment' in your reply, I think my jaw actually dropped.  That is such a perfect description of what I want when I'm home...simple, clean, straightforward, natural.  It has been as if everything non-essential has needed to go whether by my choice or circumstance.
Also, a book and family history...well, for goodness sake, that is EXACTLY what I have been doing...compiling, researching and writing.  Not as a geneological project such as who descended from whom, but a history of behavior patterns.  I had always wanted to write, was always told I should and of course, like many people, the distractions of life proved to be just the thing I needed to avoid doing exactly what I knew I should be doing.
A brief explanation...
I have been a single, divorced, working mother for over 16 years.  I have 2 wonderful teenage boys.  I had devoted myself to raising these young men with fun, and adventure, to try and show them through my actions, how to be a person of integrity and compassion.  I had always had great luck with jobs and financially we never did without.  Although, looking back, I must say that much of my life was a kind of 'seat of the pants' life.  We moved quite a bit, which I always enjoyed.  However, I now see that this was my way of running away.  Problems would arise, I would just move...the grass is always greener:)  However, over these last few years I have been unable to move, for financial reasons, and unwilling to move, so they can finish school here, have some consistency with friends etc...have a home base to remember.
As far as my own family situation goes, my parents divorced when I was 13 and my father whom I dearly loved was ostracized by my mother and my siblings.  Our family had a very 'clanish' feel to it.  Recently, however, my siblings all married and had children but, much later in life than I did and so we are quite out of sync with each other. 
Over the last few years I have a experienced unprecedented financial and employment challenges along with much sickness and death with family and friends.  However, I say with complete honesty, that everything that has happened has been a true blessing ( it didn't always feel that way though...desperation would definitely be a good word to describe many moments ).
Back to the book:)  Although, I am in the process of getting the boys into college and continuing my search for a better job, and as a result time is still not in abundance, I am writing a book about children, parents and divorce.  Focused mainly on the court system and government that says it is on the side of the family...the children and yet how it makes a tremendous amount of money from families and parents in turmoil and how statistically, the family has changed and therefore the country (and in my opinion, not for the better).
So I think that palm on my forhead has definitely been doing me a favor...
And I will tell you this, I'd like to kiss that nice, sturdy, wooden, freshly swept floor sometimes:)  And that little wooden box is another perfect amazingly connected.
Thank you so much Deirdre!  Your words truly touched me and made me laugh a bit (at myself, of course)
44  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: How to do Saturn on: April 09, 2007, 10:03:53 AM
Dear Kristina,

I can see why you are interested in Saturn. Yours on an angle, the Nadir, the cusp of your 4th house, and especially during the Saturn - Neptune opposition, is busy separating Real Estate from Fake Estate, creating stability in your life, strengthening insecurities and giving form to creativity. No swamp land for you!

As an exercise I picture a Shaker environment (very real, right?) with pegs on the walls for hanging up everything, including the furniture. You can take out a well-crafted broom and sweep extraneous, dust clouds carefully into a little wooden box. This is Neptune, contained by Saturn, for compost in the 8th house, that's where your Saturn is transiting now.

Something about the floor, stable and cleared, wooden and natural, this is your foundation. This is the command center from which you can make sharp, executive life decisions in a space which is clearly defined as yours. This is you claiming your space. Whether it really is Shaker or not doesn't matter of course, but that you love the simplicity of your security base in the complexity of life, this is important.

We have an exact aspect of Saturn opposing Neptune on June 25, 2007. The truth continues to come out. Saturn is transiting through your 8th house; Neptune through the second. Transiting Saturn is sextiling your natal Mars, (the dispositor of your natal Saturn in Aries) and Saturn is also sextiling your natal Venus. In your natal chart Venus is trine Mars -- creativity!. One possibility I see is your creativity channeled into a form, like a book about family tradition and legacy. Your Mars in Libra is very social and Venus in Gemini very verbal. They are working to create a form whether from interviews or creative writing or compiling or being the self-appointed family historian.

I know this is getting specific, but what I am doing is opening up a brainstorm channel. You asked about pushing through fear or personal boundaries and limitations. Mostly my answer is to claim your space, claim your foundation, work with the talents in your natal chart, in this case I chose your creativity, and use the timing, in this case Saturn sextiling Mars and Venus and give form to your creativity.

And regarding the little wooden box filled with a dust cloud, the idea here is to take the confusing pieces which might be how you earn your money, and let Saturn make them efficient in the eight house.

Does this sound real to you?
Yours under today's Capricorn Moon,

45  Astrology Questions and Answers / Astrology Questions and Answers / Re: Romance, Love & Making Art on: March 19, 2007, 07:46:59 PM
Dear Deirdre

Thank you so much for your response to my question. And please don't worry about your response taking a while; I trust in the timing of life!  (Now that's someone who's learnt to work with Saturn opposing natal Sun!)

I am still doing my art degree and when I am not feeling well, I also seem to have a lack of mental clarity and memory.  But underneath all that, the feeling I have is one of optimism and clarity and focus and so yes, your post definitely resonates with me.

I feel like I'm on new territory in so many ways and that feels good. Despite the world's political and ecological state, I feel optimistic, whereas in the past I used to feel overwhelmed and depressed and everything seemed futile as too little was being done and people too ignorant. Now, I keep feeling like something is working its way through personally and globally and increasingly I am entering a space of being the one who leads, which I guess is my destiny given my astrology. But that strong Saturn and Chiron  opposite my stellium in Virgo both temper those leadership qualities with a certain gravitas and messages from the underworld (Mercury conjunct Pluto and Uranus: the messenger brings up the messages from Pluto and Uranus transmits them, qualified with Chironic understanding). 

I'm very much aware of the capacity for self delusion, and I forever doubt myself, which leads to a healthy questioning of motives and actions.  But increasingly it seems that I just need to act with the courage of my convictions and truly inhabit my chart, joyfully.  And your response seems to confirm that.  My immediate reaction might be "Three scoops each of chocolate, pistachio and raspberry and a couple of strawberry too and what about the praline?", but after a moment's consideration it would likely be "One of pistachio with a very nice wafer biscuit" and a knowing that I could come back to the ice cream parlour whenever I wanted!

Wow!  I'm off to Ben and Jerry's!!

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