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Author Topic: Gateway to the Eclipses  (Read 1906 times)
Eric Francis
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« on: August 31, 2006, 04:43:10 PM »

Dear Eric/ASR,
Here's my question. In the midst of the Neptune-Saturn opposition, the Mars square to Pluto/Charon and the Jupiter-Uranus trine, there seems to be a daisy-chain of hard aspects involving Mars, Pluto/Charon, the lunar nodes, the lunar apogee and the center of the Galaxy. Seems to me like something is up but I lack the proficiency for clarity. I have two intuitions: (1) This is a some sort of segue into the September eclipses and (2) This is a bit "out there," some sort of gate is opening.
Would appreciate your thoughts.

With Gratitude,
Len W (Seattle cum Burien)

PS How important is declination when considering aspects?
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Eric Francis
Global Moderator
Posts: 44

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« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2006, 01:31:40 PM »

Yo Len!

Okay -- so these were submitted as two questions; I just stuck the second one on as a PS; they are not unrelated. In other words, eclipses are all about declination. By the way I'm going to answer this in bits, not Charles Dickens style in 700 pages at once. Let's start with the PS and work backwards.

Speaking from experience, the most important declination aspects that I've seen are eclipses and their first cousins, occultations; when things align by longitude (degree) and declination (level, like height, in the solar system). So first I'll start with a bit on this... and look ahead a bit...

What makes an eclipse different than a normal Full Moon or New Moon? In a normal New Moon, the Moon passes over or under the Sun. In an eclipse, it courses the face of the Sun and makes a conjunction in a second dimension of space -- called an occultation (when Sun and Moon are involved it's an eclipse).

The Moon eclipses (occults) planets all the time (about three to 10 times a month, and it makes hundreds of other aspects, so it's not really all that common but not so uncommon), and these are the lunar aspects you can really feel. I'll point out some here or in my blog the day they happen, or the next day, and we can see if we noticed them. Next year, the Moon occults Saturn 11 times. Eleven fucking times!

Now, when planets don't actually make that double alignment, an eclipse or occultation, you get a little echo of the effect in an aspect called a parallel. Many planets are aligned in parallels this year; that is why the annual horoscope was called Parallel Worlds. It was not just a cool image of Saturn opposing Neptune.

I am not a big student of parallels (the symbol looks like this: || ) but I have started getting curious the past couple of years. I have definitely been a big fan of eclipses and occultations, which as you suggest, are associated with gateways or threshold transits.

I'll set aside that topic for the moment and come back to it in another reply. But I'd love to hear from the other astrologers here with an eclipse story or two (all stories from summer 2001 qualify -- we all dumped a ton of karma that summer).

Here is a little series of articles on eclipses and the summer of an eclipse, 1999. Note, these articles need proofreading! They come from the days before an editorial team at Planet Waves, but I will pass them onto the appropriate department for review, but for now, I offer them to you: The Burning Man series from summer 1999. Titles in bold are my preferred choices.

One Way (or Another)

In and Out of Time

Burning Man

Flashpoints: The Continuation of Burning Man

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