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Author Topic: What is up with Aussie Heroes This Week?  (Read 1248 times)
Eric Francis
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« on: September 08, 2006, 12:27:39 PM »

Hi Eric

I was just hoping that you could shed some astro light on frequent events for me. Firstly, I am Australian and in the past five days, we have lost two public icons. On Monday it was Steve Irwin and today it was the racing car champion Peter Brock. Both of these individuals were Piscean, with Steve Irwin's DOB being 22 Feb 1962, and Peter Brocks being 26 Feb 1945.

Both of these people died whilst pursuing their passions, i.e. Irwin with an animal (or in this case, a marine creature), and Brock, driving a race car in a rally. Are the deaths of these two public Piscean figures, who died in similar circumstances, i.e.' doing what they love most', somewhat related to the full moon in Pisces this morning that was accompanied by a lunar eclipse?

I just find the whole thing quite extraordinary, and being a fellow Piscean I'm starting to feel a bit aggitated!!!!

Thanks for your help


Eric's Note: There are three charts for Australia listed in Nick Campion's Book of World Horoscopes. I'll be using the one that is for the best known time of the arrival of: Jan 26, 1788, 5:21 am, the landing of the first British transports at Sydney. 6.00 Aquarius is in the ascendant.
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