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Author Topic: About cycles, patterns and ashes.  (Read 1649 times)
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« on: September 08, 2006, 06:52:32 PM »

How does one determine the dates that one enters and leaves each house? I am guessing they occur at the same time every year, in a reliable cycle,  but I don't know how to figure it out.
I've looked up some asteroids and centaurs and plotted them on my natal chart, based on themes and motifs I've worked with archetypally already. I was astounded by how many there are to choose from on one of the online ephemeris services. I've added them to my progressed chart for this year and, I've been gleaning bits about the astrology of now as I've been reading Planet Waves this year.
So,  if I want to figure out how a long term pattern is affecting my life, does that mean that I should first look at how those 3 areas overlap on paper, then apply some of the basic characteristics of the personality and mythology of the bodies in question and see what pops out at me? And then if I want to figure out how it might continue to work out, I should look up my progressed chart for some date in the future?
What if something is happening suddenly out of the blue, like say, the onset of anxiety, which lasts for a couple months then suddenly goes away - should I look to the astrology of now, or the progressed chart for clues? I've always felt my life was one big story unfolding, full of interesting characters and events, and I've always used mythology to understand it. There are so many characters trying to have their say through me. But who should I be listening to?
I've been feeling really crazy for a few years. Incapacitated crazy. The energy and drive I had through my 20's and early 30's burned out to nothing. I've gained 150 lbs and no one knows why, exactly, I've manifested auto immune diseases (diagnosed finally over the past 6 months) I've spent years shedding, purging, releasing tons of energy, yet still completely stuck in a  places. - a simultaneous breakthrough and  My chiropractor said last week she can feel me trying to release this old persistant pain, and I do, yet not long after I slam the door shut on it again, keeping it trapped. I want to find out what the old pain is about. I've been working with it in many manifestations for ... well, consciously, nearly 15 years. I want to know how to let it go finally, for ever, through all the layers of my being - karmic, past life, present, childhood, family, how it's manifesting again in my kids, how to work with it in a new way in my future. I feel a great metamorphosis happening, but I am still in the ashes phase- phoenix burned and laying in a debris pile at the bottom of the nest, or, the body turning gelatinous and gooey as it reconfigures from catepillar to chrysallis. I feel kin to volcanoes lately, one's that have just finished erupting and look devasted but feel relieved somehow. Is she going to blow again or is she done? Where most of the work has been below the surface and nothing looks like it changes from the outside for eons. But it's time  to be different at the surface too.
What do I look to in my charts to find the path through slamming doors, reluctant growth habits and ashes?
Astrology is a language rather like music to me. I can intuit how it makes sense. Sometimes I can follow along. But I can't really converse in it, myself.
I don't want to be a pest. I've been writing in questions all the time, it feels like. The more I read, the more I want to know. I know you can't answer them all, but it feels good to know I can ask them. Sooner or later something applicable ends up in the forum. I have so many specifics I want to know, but I seem to be stuck talking in vague generalities.  I ask too many questions at once. Feel free to chop up and pick out one question, if it works to answer it for everybody.
Deep sigh.
It's all good though.


this is the pisces rising chart for 10:08 am

this is the Aquarius rising chart for 10:00 am
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I am available for in depth readings by mail and phone; or in person, if you are in Barcelona. I am fluent in french, spanish and english. Contact me at
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« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2006, 07:05:28 PM »

Hi Sherie,

I'll get to you after taking a look at your chart. But, for now i am going to ask you to take a good look at your Pluto and check out it's transits, and concentrate on it for a while... the description you give us has Pluto written all over it.

What house is Pluto in? Is it near an angular house? What aspects is he making in your chart? What planets are involved? Check out the rulers and see what's going on with them. Where is the ruler of the house Pluto is located in? What transits are going around it? Dig it and focus on this one for now. Let the images emerge. You don't have to interpret it all, just let it out, give it space and let it breath. With time you'll start to 'see' things.

You can do the same thing with Chiron...

You seem to be close to your chart. Sometimes it's a good idea to concentrate in just one element and let it unfold.

Good luck and let us know,



I am available for in depth readings by mail and phone; or in person, if you are in Barcelona. I am fluent in french, spanish and english. Contact me at
Mandy H
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« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2006, 07:03:18 AM »

HI Paloma,
Thanks for pointing out a clue.
I am close to my chart in the way that maps of any kind are fascinating and comforting to me. My chart is mysterious to me, magical. It is full of hidden secrets and is a brand new complex difficult language to me. I don't understand most of the lingo, but just looking at the shapes and patterns is ... well.. oracular. Like my progressed chart is vertical right now, and squeezed in the middle. My pre-asteroid natal chart is all above the horizon except for the north node.  It's like a good tarot reading. The great thing is that I learn what I need to know from each reading, and then awhile later, I can come back to exactly the same reading and learn a whole new piece I couldn't fathom before. Layers reveal themselves as I am ready to learn something new about myself.
A couple things I figured out last night after reading your note:
1) I think my birth time of 10 am is what I will stick with. A couple years ago an astrologer ran 2 charts for me, cuz she wasn't sure that an exact-on-the-hour time was exactly right, but it is from a handwritten card off the bassinet from the hospital and the only time reference I can come up with. My mom doesn't even remember. She says she was knocked out and doesn't know when it happened. Morning. The astrologer waited to see what I looked like, what I was wearing, what I sounded like etc, before she decided which chart to use. The 10 am one makes me an Aquarius rising. She picked 10:08 for the second chart because it was the first moment when Pisces became the rising. By looking at me, wearing all blues and purples and flowy silky fabrics, she was convinced I was Pisces rising. It was very interesting because a lot of the Pisces stuff really made sense. It felt like home somehow, and I decided maybe she was right. All that Capricorn and Aquarius stuff is hard to live up to. I am well over 40 and those who have read my chart professionally insist I should be changing the world. But I'm not that organized, together or focused. Or there is something else going on.
However, at that time there was nothing on my chart in the first house, and nothing in Pisces at all. Nobody has ever bothered to put in a single asteroid and no one ever would talk about chiron. Since learning about Pluto, Ceres, Charon, and UB 313/Xena over the last couple weeks, and the link to an asteroid ephemeris Eric included in something he wrote, I made a point of looking up and charting bodies whose mythology I've worked with in the past, as I mentioned in my first post. Chiron, Dionysus and Persephone are all within a few degrees of each other, in the first house, in Pisces, and today's quote by Eric says that Chiron's message is to stand in your true nature, be here now. I think that's where the homey feeling of Pisces energy is coming from. There is some good story there, I just don't know what it is yet.
2) Pluto is in the 7th house with Uranus in Virgo and makes aspects to most of the rest of my chart. But I don't know what they mean. That's part of the decoding I haven't got to yet.  Nearly everything else (pre-asteroid and centaur and dwarf) is in the 11th and 12th houses, in Capricorn and Aquarius.  For the first couple years I tried to decode astrology, I didn't even try to figure out the 3 things that were on that side of the horizon. All the other stuff was enough. At that time (mid 1990's) I determined that because the south node of the moon was in aquarius in the 12th house,  in this lifetime it's probably ok to be me, and that I wouldn't get burned at the stake for my beliefs this time around. I could relax my hyper fear of retaliation for showing up.  Not sure why I came up with that any more, but it was the single most comforting thing I knew in those years. And maybe that's not even true.
3) The recent writings about the relationship of Pluto to the story of Persephone had me looking that up more closely. There is a great website called where you can take personality profile tests - like a myers-briggs type test - and have it filtered through the mythological profiles of gods and goddesses.  My 'goddess type' is Persephone. So, this new binary thing with Pluto got my attention. Who is this character and what's the story? Eric had mentioned that the name Persephone had already been used, as had Proserpina,  and that they called this body Charon, who was the ferry tender from the world of the living to the underworld, but that actually Persephone would have been a more likely candidate. Somewhere in that writing, there was talk of it as Minerva, the female version of Pluto as well. So I charted all of those. Including Zeus as Persephone's father who gave her to Pluto/hades, Ceres the mother. I am looking at how it looks on the paper just now, and not trying to understand yet.
So, My 'personality' is Persephone and she is located directly across from Pluto, at the same degree, in my chart. I've recently been having dreams at night where my mother is directly antagonistic to a male soul friend/anam cara I met in October of 2001. She doesn't even know about this friend in real life, but in the dreams she does everything she can to make me wrong and bad for being friends. My husband is far more tolerant (in real life). Ceres was not pleased with Pluto for stealing Persephone, and I wonder how betrayed she might have felt when Persephone chose to commit to the underworld forever. Commit to BOTH worlds.  betrayed enough to make winter happen, I guess. That's exactly me, committed to more than this topside world and my mother worries.  Proserpina, which is another name for Persephone, falls in my chart very near the midheaven.  I think of this one as the young persephone, the one who was ceres's daughter, pre-ravishment/marriage with pluto/hades.
Ok. So this has been very .... an intuitive level. My gut says, yeah, this is definitely the path I was hoping to find.  What I need to know will rise to the top and what is too much information will settle out. As in, too many asteroids relating to the pluto stories. Something is happening and it's no coincidence that it is between eclipses and I need to deal with releasing something from the past. STILL. AGAIN.  I think this is even the time of year that I am in the 7th house. It occured to me last night that DUH maybe the houses correspond to the time of year that the sun is in the sign - I know that I have pluto in the 7th house in Virgo.  I know that some of the houses don't last very long, and that some of them last a long time and cover more than one sign. But Virgo is right now. Is this true?
I don't know enough to know how to figure out transits, or even what a transit REALLY means. I know it's a time when the planet is moving across something else. But I don't know what I am looking for or how to think about it.
There are a bunch more things I've plotted on my natal chart due to what has come up as allies and challenges over the years. I guess it doesn't surprise me that these things tend to bunch up. In addition to Pluto, there is Ursa, the bear, within a degree, going retrograde. At the same degree of Neptune there is Athene, also retrograde. Xena the new warrior goddess who feels like she might be able to change everything has Chaos at the same degree, in Aries, in the first house with Chiron and Persephone. Minerva, even though she is in Libra is in the same house as Pluto.
I can't find the only astrology book I own today, - The Inner Sky, by Stephen Forrest,  so maybe it's a sign that it's time to find new resource materials. I was going to look up rulers of the houses to see what I could learn. But I haven't been able to. Any suggestions for resources for lay people?
One thing I know from the last few years is that every thing I always thought was an enemy actually ended up being an ally. So Pluto must be on my side too.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

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