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Author Topic: Difficulty visioning future...  (Read 1855 times)
Eric Francis
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« on: August 30, 2006, 01:54:11 PM »

Dear ASR,

My question is this. I have always had difficulty with having a goal or vision for my future, because tomorrow -- who knows what might happen? Is there something in my chart that explains why this is? I thought it was just me but a friend of mine also has this problem. She is a Leo and I am a Scorpio; we wonder if it's some influence that was missing when we were born. My date of birth is 12th November 1952, birth time 5:25 am near Edinburgh Scotland. I am glad you're in the world.

All the best,
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« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2006, 03:42:49 AM »

Dear Liz,

Goodness gracious sweetheart, you seem to put a lot of pressure on yourself! No goals? Well, at least you had the goal to write to ASR, and you did it!

Hmm... you asked if anything was missing in your chart, and sure enough nothing is missing at all, not even Pluto  Smiley ! In fact, Pluto is in your 10th house (ambitions) and the moon is in Virgo in the 11th (hopes and dreams). I asked myself why you may not feel you integrate these two elements. It seems tricky, but certainly possible.

Wherever the moon is in a chart, this area does tend to wax and wane. And being in Virgo you may have rhythms of being critical of yourself like for having powerful Plutonian goals your family may not have approved of or accomplished themselves. Remember, with a moon in Virgo in the 11th, some days you may feel a vision and some days not. This is a simply perfect system to protect, for example, an obsessive drive which could have even led to burn-out syndrome by now.

To take this a step further, in your case I'd put my Virgo moon to work for me and analyze the details for a month beginning on the new moon. First I'd brainwash my Virgo moon and say "Just for this month, every vision I have is perfectly right. There is no such thing as mistakes." Then, how about writing a journal with a couple of sentences per day answering this question: What would I do if I wanted to be powerful and passionate (EVEN IF I accomplish something my family did not) and end up on stage with the lights shining on me?

At the end of the month, see if any goals or visions grabbed you by the gut and brought tears to your eyes. These are visions worth pursuing, because tomorrow you will be joyful you did something for the good of the whole.

You wanted to know if there is an explanation for this, but my question for you is, do you know you already have the authority to go for it? And you know why? Because the world needs your vision. So keep me posted Liz, I am curious about what may happen tomorrow.

Here's to you!


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Eric Francis
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« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2006, 04:56:49 AM »

Hey Liz,

Eric here, chiming in with an idea or two. Something Deirdre said clued me into this (not that anyone would miss it): you have Pluto in the 10th house. You also have the South Node there, and they are related.

I can add two ideas on this point. One is that the presence of an outer planet (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune) in the 10th, in the natal chart, or by transit, does not necessarily make it easy to sense your mission. Indeed it can have the opposite effect, unless you really tune into the message of that outer planet -- and such is not always easy.

You also have the South Node there. Both Pluto and the South Node can point to a tendency from the past -- distant past in this lifetime, parental influence, past life influence, as you wish -- that suggests that this setup is a configuration that drove you ahead previously, but the values are no longer quite applicable now. Indeed, some astrologers would read this as an "you need anything but big ambition."

However, all that Leo is hardly going to let you rest. Then we come to the place where we express the energy of the 10th -- the next house, the 11th. And there, you have a Virgo Moon, and that is not a halfway placement, either. The Virgo Moon wants you to do it right. Perfectly done, the exactly correct thing to give to society (11th house represents society).

So between the powerhouse 10th and the perfectionist 11th -- I am sure that nothing seems right... nothing seems powerful enough to satisfy that. But with a Virgo Moon, I can tell you one thing that will help: really knowing you're of service in the world. I see other factors that support that.

But you mentinoed something curious, that seemed to reveal the heart of your question: "Tomorrow -- who knows what might happen?"

This is a fact we must all deal with, of course. You know, start making a dress or painting a room today and you never know if you're going to finish it. Wrapped up in that statement is an idea about death. And they take many forms. But wonder where this came from, as in who. I am going to take a guess and say, "from the past."

Let me show you a fancy move using astrology. We began mentioning the South Node (past influence) in the 10th house (ambition, desire to achieve). One way to  read the lunar nodes is to look at where the planets that rule the node appear. In this case, the ruler of the South Node is the Sun, because the South Node is in Leo and Leo is ruled by the Sun.

Where is your Sun? First it's on the 2nd house cusp -- self esteem. Next, it's conjunct Vesta, a spiritual influence calling on you to sacrifice your personal (Sun) goals and find your self-worth in some form of service. Importance and satisfaction are measured in how well you help others -- but your contact with others in service of some higher goal.

But most important, your Scorpio Sun is at 90 degrees to the nodes -- this is a special condition -- Sun, ruler of the South Node square the Nodes. It's a circle; a cycle; it's like you can't get out of the past. So I would say the issue is not so much 'envisioning the future' as it is freeing yourself from some idea about your past. Because your lunar nodes are involved in the 10th and the 4th, you really need to ask what influence your parents had over this state of affairs.

And you need to be very honest with yourself about that -- and if you can, I assure you, you'll find a big clue. All you need to remember, in the mean time, is it's your life.

When you say that to yourself, "It's my life," how do you feel?

Say it over and over again, till you believe it.


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