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Author Topic: Wanting to help a friend.......  (Read 1263 times)
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« on: April 17, 2007, 06:45:36 PM »

Dear Astrology Secrets Revealed,

I have a male friend who has been going through an extremely rough
patch of life since the birth of his daughter.  He has been married
twice, and divorced twice.  His daughter is from his second marriage
and his wife became so mentally ill that he had to take full custody of
his baby girl.  He stated he never expected to be a single father but
since than he has had to live with his parents out in the country.  Has
only a few friends.  Has not been in a relationship since the last
marriage (9 years ago).  He has put his life on hold to raise his
daughter and two years ago both he and his daughter have been diagnosed
with a serious immunological disease (not AIDS) which is inherited.  He
did have a woman who he because friends with at work.  He started to
fall in love but she wasn't interested.  He thinks it is because he has
too much baggage.  He is a computer programmer.  It seems he has almost
had the life of Job.  He is very, very depressed, but keeps it all
suppressed.  He is not very emotional except for expressing anger.  He
is seeking professional help but his outlook has only been slightly
better.  Wondering how I might help him? What does his chart say.
Sometimes I think he is from outer space because of his tendency to
become emotionless.


His Chart
My Chart

Dear Ali:
My heart goes out to you, as you ponder on how to help your friend........
First things first, i am sure you must know by now that we can't really help anyone, unless they really want to be helped...and even then, we can only support them in their struggle to help themselves, by believing that they can....There is not magic formula, am afraid, Ali, and in this circunstances not even love is sufficient to really help someone in their road to individuation.
In your description of Brent's situation, you seem to see him as the victim of the story, and yet this man has Mars in Aries and in contact with Uranus.
This is a very strong aspect of his personality, which i am sure will come to the rescue, when he really needs it. You said yourself that he gets quite angry sometimes. That would be it.
Uranian energy and especially in contact with our inner hero (Mars) is very strong and very independent. It needs a lot of space and it finds it difficult to adapt to the rest of masses,it is very eccentric, so this is probably what you mean when you say he seems to be from outer space.
I am sure that his atittude seems incredibly cold to you at times, especially when you are reacting from your very intense emotional world.
In spite of being a Virgo, your emotions are coloured by the strengh of Scorpio and your need to be needed.
This man does not feel like you, Ali, he is simply quite different from you. so do not read your own needs in him.
Yet, he has been going through very hard times and undergoing strong aspect that have confronted him with his own mortality and his limitations.
 His duty and feelings as a father and the realization that he must do something about his own life as well as taking care of his baby.
The pressure has been on his professional life as well as providing a home for his little family.
All in all, not an easy time, but with the amazing potential for transformation and for finding some kind of spiritual answers to his challenges.Most importantly, finding his real father inside.
 It is only in this realm that he will find the peace of mind that he is probably searching for.
If the mother of the child is mentally ill, imagine what the child must be going through.
He has a practical and profound mind, which will also help him, to keep his feet on the ground.
With this all important opposition between Neptune and Saturn over his Sun and Venus, i am sure he must have been very confused and quite depressed, but thing moving and i am sure he will find the answers he is looking for. Only he come find the way out of his maze.
One thing is for sure, there is something very karmic about the two of you, and i have no doubts that just by being you, you are already helping him.
don't work so hard at it, instead, i would suggest you concentrate in the feelings that he moves inside of you, since there are some relationship issues knocking at you door....
We can be good friends but we can't be God......Well, not all the time anyway.....
I know that you being a Virgo would like to be able to fix everything, but there are some things we just can't do for others.

Just be his friend.....

All my love
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