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Author Topic: More on Pluto and Saturn transits  (Read 1406 times)
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« on: May 03, 2007, 04:56:47 AM »

Hi, ASR-

I hope you can shed some light for me, because I'm really in the dark.

The last four years, I feel as if I've taken one blow after the next. Starting in 2003, it was the
precipitous decline of a long-term and close-to-my-heart relationship when my partner acknowledged he'd been molested and all sorts of rage, hurt and depression erupted; I tried to hold it together for us both, but we broke up at the end of 2004.

Although I've looked, I haven't been able to find another partner, and feel discouraged about my ability to move on.

A year ago, after a two-year battle with cancer, one of my best friends  died, and I've been going through cycles of grief ever since.

As for work, I was asked to fill in for an exciting and powerful position while a search was held to fill it. I was also urged to apply for the job. The search took more than a year -- from July 2005 to
August 2006 -- during which time I rose to many creative challenges, felt nurtured by my bosses, and really built up my self esteem. Then the job was given to someone else and I'm back in the trenches, feeling discouraged and fed up. I'm trying to think of ways to move on .

I'm a professional writer, and I have a book idea, though I don't know that even if I sold it I could support myself with a book advance. I'm filled with self-doubt and confusion.

I'd appreciate any guidance (or solace!) you can offer.


Dear Catherine:
from the beginning of your letter, when you mentioned being in the dark, i knew there had to be some Pluto transits coming into your life and i must tell you before anything else, that you are not alone in this quest, since just about everybody here at Planet Waves, know exactly what you are going through.

But, let me see if i can shed some light in this predicament of yours, if anything, to enable you to make the best of this apparent dark times. Maybe a different kind of light is shinning and it is difficult in the beginning to understand its dimensions, or simply seeing the message that it brings.

As you well said, in 2003 there was a kind of end-beginning of this situation. An end of your relationship and the beginning of this dark period as you call it.

As Pluto was approaching that Sagittarian Moon of yours in the 6th house, Saturn was just leaving it alone after an apposition that was going on since 2002, which might have confronted you with issues of work and perhaps some health problems of your own.

It is easy at those times to believe that your relationship, could be the problem, when there are so many other elements in you life at play. But in 2003 as Pluto finally comes to conjunct that Moon, you are really thrown into the Underworld and begin to find out the darkness behind the light. AS you very well described it when you spoke of the rage, hurt and depression that erupted at that time.

Diving into the Underworld need not to be a negative experience, on the very contrary, i am sure you found out about a Catherine you didn't know, as his rage  must have triggered yours and a wealth of feelings that you probably didn't know you had, erupted into the surface.

You are Libra after all, and Libra has quite a hard time dealing with these kind of emotions and yet you could have only gained from the whole experience by admitting that you had many more dimensions to your personality that you ever thought you had.

If that relationship ended is because it had accomplished what it was suppossed to do in your life. Think about it. What did you learn with that man? What message did he bring into your soul?

By the death of your friend you were well into the arms of Pluto and its lessons. Very important lessons i may add. Lessons about letting go, about growing up, about powerlessness, humility and above all, learning to WAIT. We can't manage other people's lifes never mind how much we love them.
If you think about it, Catherine, this can only enrich your life in a transformative fashion like nothing else can.

But since 2005 another situation is now being triggered. WORK.

Defining where your talents lie and what to do with them. How to put into paper all those incredible ideas you have. How to give form to your amazing creativity, as you know you have.

Saturn transits are always experienced as some kind of birth, since they force you to give FORM in the outside, to what you are carrying inside. The job you work so hard at and was given to somebody else.Don't throw away the experience and the learning of it all, you will be able to apply all that knowledge into your next project.

Jupiter is gracing your 6th house of work and health and eventually that Moon, and it will make it possible for you to find a way to deliver your ideas.

Use this time to find out how you REALLY work. Meaning how you deal with them. Don't be too critical of yourself, as you may have the tendency to do.

The other challenge for you is to stay focused for long enough so that you can continue with the same idea for as long as needed. You must know this if you are a writer. Perhaps this is one of your challenges at this point, as this Sag Moon of yours tends to be quite changeable.

This is time to learn, to absorbe, retain and deeply assimilate the lessons of the past and the feelings that they awoke to be able to give it shape through your work. You wil feel a lot of security by doing this and only when you do you may be able to open your heart to another relationship.
Don't worry about that, they are in your path.

All the best..

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