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Author Topic: Pallas in the 10th house in Sag..  (Read 1264 times)
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« on: May 23, 2007, 06:33:03 AM »

Hi Favorite People!

I'm searching for work, no small matter these days as Neptune washes over my ascending and nears my sun (and I'm 52 and there's a slight 13 year gap in service), not to mention Saturn insisting on transiting my 7th house, etc. I get something and then there's a delay, as just happened days ago, and then something else exciting opens up. It has been two very long years toward gainful, long term employ and it is about this I look for some insight.
If indeed you venture into my chart you'll note there is nothing in 10th house, Sagittarius is the sign, 7 degrees midheaven. I searched the Ephemeris and discovered Pallas Athena at 16 degrees, 3 away from Great Attractor and 10 away from the Galactic Core.  It is about Pallas Athena in particular that I make this inquiry.
I spent many a year as a Paralegal in Washington, DC (10+ years). I grew up in a house of lawyers in the land of lawyers and thus when I got enough cash, I bolted far from all these suits. Periodically, I grow cash-challenged and return and here I am, deja vu. I am coming to the notion that this is not just about the cash. There is something more pulling me to the legal biz and it is there that I thought I might hear your thoughts.
Whatever you can offer up here, is greatly appreciated.
Much love,

Dear Mary:

I will start answering you and you may get other answers from the rest of the team. I couldn't avoid being interested in your question since you've being wondering about Pallas, but as it often happens, in your question lies the answer to your own question.

How so?

You say you were born in a house of lawyers, in the land of lawyers surrounded by suits, you even go on to say: when you can't deal with it all, you go away.

Pallas was born from the head of her father Zeus, with no mother involved. So, she connects easily with her masculine side, as she tries to emulate her father in everything she does. So much so that she forgets her feminine side, she even finds it unconfortable. She is more than just a woman. Your Pallas is in Sag, so the search for truth is very strong and not just an inner truth, but more the kind of truth that can change the way people see the world. Since it is in the 10th house it wants to encourage  people to fight for their ideologies. Don't forget she is also the Goddess of War. So, is in a good position to be the defender of those who need assistance.

You have the Moon in conjunction to Saturn and Venus in Capricorn. These two aspects of your chart also have to do with your connection to the establishment and your endless coming back to the suits, as you call them. The establishment you hate and love.

Being part of a system of law seems to be your Fate, Mary, and yet, there is always room for individuation or free will, if you prefer. Maybe the question is what to do with all of this Fate, that you have got from The House of Lawyers. How can you personalize that, and make it your own? Perhaps you need to re-think your field of action within the Law.

The other question is how can you rescue the feminine in the midst of all the suits, so that you can find your rightful place?

The opposition of Neptune and Saturn that we are all experiencing some way or another, is almost bang on in your Ascendant ,as you well said, and it is in that very important angle of relationships and one's individuality. It will be exact on it at the end of June, to then go through your Mercury Sun conjunction. I wonder what that must've been doing to your personal relationships? But it also instinctually tells me that perhaps in the field of divorces and helping of women there could be some kind of satisfaction or catharsis for you.

It must be helping you realize or even better said, to discern more clearly what you need in relationships, what is that that you want the most from the other, and what you are prepared to offer.

You must not forget that Jupiter, the ruler of your 10th house is in close conjunction to Uranus, in the 6th house, of jobs and work. This planet makes it difficult to find a steady job. Mary, it is better to settle for some kind of free lancing work, or the kind of work that allows your to express your individuality without great pressures from the authorities.

You need to find a place inside of you where the consevative lady that you are, mingles with the other lady inside of you, the one a bit more excentric and ahead of her times; the one with great visions of the future and an instinctual understanding of the cosmic laws.

In the marriage of these two opposites lies your place, and perhaps your mission in this lifetime. Jupiter is now transiting your 10th house and it makes a trine to that Mars in Aries in the 2nd, i should imagine that you will find a way to make some money that allows you to explore your ideals and find out what to do.

The next 6 years are the threshold to your second Saturn Return, so re-defining your work is in order and with Pluto going into your 11th house of groups, may be the answer is in working with a group of pleople that allows you to grow and express yourself truthfully and creatively.

I have Pluto crossing my 11th house now for few years, it is just coming out of it as we speak and when it went in for the first time, i felt that my Psychological and Astrological work needed a boost and i went into study Psychodrama, which is a therapy  that you do in groups and that includes the body, and i have literally sat in a group of 12 people for 4 years analyzing (Pluto) and studying (Sag).

I often wonder why Pallas was a feminine deity if she in fact, acts or relates mostly to the masculine, yet i now know, that it is that kind of energy needed in women. By the time that Pallas came into our conciousness, the masculine begun to be expressed in us women, by taking control of our destinies and our financial independence and developing selfsufficiency.

Hold on to Pallas, Mary, as she will show you the way.

All my love

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