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Author Topic: From "Pluto's Orphan"  (Read 1738 times)
Eric Francis
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« on: September 02, 2006, 07:13:37 AM »

Hello Eric and friends.

So even though it's not "technically" a planet anymore, I have a question about Pluto, and how it relates to my chart. As a Scorpio, it's been hard to just sit by and hear that a group of (mostly) guys in bad suits have ousted my planetary ruler from the solar system, but I know that you are taking it as a cultural sign of the times, so please consider the following.  My natal Pluto is conjunct my Libra ascendant, which is supposed to mean something amazing for my destiny right? With Pluto approaching its conjunction with the Galactic Core, I wonder if you can tell me what it might mean. In the last few years it has felt as if the world is getting larger and smaller every day, as if  I'm on a crash course with my own singularity on the one hand, and like I'm drifting into pure nothingness on the other. My power to manifest whever the hell I want seems so tangible at one moment, and infinitely remote at the next. Is this the approaching conjunction that I'm sensing? Or should I go check myself in to a rubber room. I'm open to anything at this point, although I bet you say not to do the latter. Thanks for your wisdom and straight talking kindness.

Pluto's Orphan
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« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2006, 10:41:58 AM »

Hello, Pluto Child
« Last Edit: September 03, 2006, 03:29:26 PM by paloma » Logged

I am available for in depth readings by mail and phone; or in person, if you are in Barcelona. I am fluent in french, spanish and english. Contact me at
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« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2006, 09:52:57 AM »

Hi Carrie,

I am posting your answer for the benefit of our readers, since i believe you are addressing many interesting themes. I will work on some of your comments and questions soon enough. Thank you for your participation, dear. xxp


Hello Paloma,

Thank you so much for your response. It felt so good to hear you acknowledge so much of what is going on in my life and in my soul !!   And while I didn't mean to obscure the fact in any way, I am indeed a woman!!  Please check out my Womanifesto here on Inga Muscio's website. I think it might tell you a bit about me and my new found feminine identity!

My whole world really began to open up in November 2003, in line with the astrological event that some called the Harmonic Concordance. A hexagon appeared in the heavens, and it was said that it was a gateway for the divine to enter our dimension. Within a short time after this event, my life began to open up as I realized that our separation from source (God) was just an illusion, and that our innate power to manifest reality gave us unlimited potential for evolution.  Then I began to learn about Masaru Emoto's amazing work with water, and it's ability to carry information and intention. Emoto's teachings taken from the water revolve primarily around Love and Gratitude. And I believe that Love and Gratitude are changing the world within me and around us as we speak. ( Please read this short blog piece from earlier this year for more on that. )

It's been about a year of feeling this intensity, and it definitely feels as though it's building toward something specific.  I dropped everything after Hurricane Katrina, and spent 6 months volunteering on the Gulf Coast. Now I live in an artsy mecca (Asheville, NC), and I don't know how to go about being a part of the "real world".

I couldn't care less about money. Credit ratings, fashion, Pro Sports, TV shows...etc.  I only want the truth about our interconnectedness to come forth, so that we can get on with this next stage of human potential. 

But I feel totally lost as to how I'm supposed to serve this purpose. How do I make it simple enough to swallow easily?  I just don't know...

I'd like to address a couple of things you mentioned. Firstly, you noted that my question seemed to be revolving around polarity, and you asked if I also sensed that. Well yes!! It seems that polarity is one of my big themes for 2006. (check out my  personal profile at I'm learning to use the Art of Alchemy... The Krybalion teaches...  " Use the Higher (vibration) against the Lower (vibration), and the Art of Alchemy to transmute that which is unworthy into that which is desirable, and you will triumph." This involves recognizing that any two things that appear to be polarized, are actually two ends of the same thing which are separated by their degree. In other words, I'm learning to see how polarity is just another perception of oneness and connectedness.  This speaks to what you mentioned about "High Frequency Vibration", wouldn't you say? Wow, Paloma. You have read me pretty well!
Your questions
"How do you relate to beauty and pleasure?"  To create beauty is a service of the highest order. And my greatest pleasure comes from service to beauty, truth, Love and Gratitude.
"Do you feel at the core of yourself your feminine power? Are you expressing it?"
I believe that MotherLove moves within me as a universal force...and that this unconditional love is the best hope that humanity has of evolving into our potential!!  I express this at every opportunity, but I have to tell you that most folks don't want to hear it!!
"What's up with Love?"  Well it's everything!! That being said, I have a hard time imagining that it fits into a monogamous package.  I quit a relationship at the beginning of my journey to the Gulf Coast, and haven't looked for one since. My Sacred Union within myself is keeping me full and flowing, with not much need for the physicality of sex. (which is a TOTAL turnaround from my previous self!! I had the Scorpio libido going on for my whole life til about a year ago.

I hope I didn't go overboard in my response to your post. Omit what you'd like, and feel free to leave my links in the post if you wish.  It means so very much to me that you are taking the time to answer my message. Your insight is so right on, that I began to cry when I first read it.  I'm looking forward to learning more from your wisdom.

In Gratitude,

Pluto Child

I am available for in depth readings by mail and phone; or in person, if you are in Barcelona. I am fluent in french, spanish and english. Contact me at
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