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Author Topic: Feedback Regarding Spiritual Awakening  (Read 1109 times)
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« on: March 07, 2008, 07:19:05 AM »

I am writing in regards to the "indigo children" theory.  I've been researching and reading for days and truly feel I may be an indigo.  I've always felt I have a "purpose" here on Earth that I could never completely grasp, I am overwhelmingly sensitive, to other people as well as sound, smell, sight, etc.  I am left handed, extremely intelligent, musically in tune.  While I feel I know the answer myself, I do not wish to "label" myself and I wish to seek some sort of guidance or help in my transition into my awakening.  All I have read has told me not to be scared, but all of this information has been a lot to take in.  I've always KNOWN that I am different from most people... and I feel that I finally understand why. I look forward to making a difference in this world, however I feel that I am my own worst enemy in many ways.  My physical and emotional worlds tend to get the best of me and I would GREATLY appreciate some feedback regarding my spiritual awakening and the process to becoming an enlightened person. -- L is for Leo

Dear L is for Leo,

Regarding Indigo, here is a link to more info on Indigo from Planet Waves:

I also really like what Doreen Virtue has to say about Indigos, too, but what I explain best is the astrology, and why this is causing you to write here, so I'm going to stick to the astrology.

I imagine you are very curious about your spiritual awakening because it seems so out of reach. So when I opened your chart I looked for something that would scream yet be hidden. Intuitively, this felt like Chiron, so I darted around your chart looking for Chiron and found it with the North Node intercepted in the 11th house. This is quite a magnet pull. Meanwhile, all of your personal planets are below the horizon, while Chiron and North Node are placed high in your chart. The sign Gemini is intercepted in the 11th house. Intercepted means all of one sign is compressed in a house with two different signs on the cusps. An intercepted sign is sometimes hard to sense, like a book without a cover, it takes some focus to get oriented to the nature of an intercepted house. Luckily, astrology can help. Chiron is also hard to sense, but you felt it and that is why you wrote in, it seems from raw impulse.

My impression is it will take a few periscopes to stumble upon the treasure chest on your path. It's almost like you were born and raised on a submarine and have read about or heard of something called the surface of the water, where boats and other forms of transportation can take you to something called land and air.

As a Leo, you are always the star of the submarine! But there are maximum a thousand people on the largest submarines. There is a lot more going on than meets the eye somewhere else. To get a sense of the magic which is possible, you can set up a few mirrors in your living space so you can see around corners and see if you see out of your interior world in a new way.

You asked about your process and I think it goes like this starting from the future and working toward the present: you may ultimately want to share your talents with the world. This is Chiron in Gemini in the 11th. I get the feeling you want to know what is your gift to share with your tribe. In Gemini, it looks like something with communication, maybe something with siblings or people who feel like siblings. Look for these people in the mirrors.

Then for the next step backwards, we look at Mercury because it is the ruler of Gemini, which is in Virgo in the second house. Mercury is also about communication and so is Virgo, so it could be that you want to write or even already love writing. Because there is a connection to Chiron, I wonder if there is some random shame you might be carrying around. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo too, so this is the end dispositor, like the end of the bus line, or a ferry line. You may wash up at a ferry stop with a few pencils and a notebook but that's thats about it, you need more! Another way out of the submarine is to write and talk your way out. Do this with "brother and sisters" you find reflected in the periscope mirrors.

To get more information to empower you on your way, we look back up at Chiron. There is a line shooting down from it, like a rope dangling from a crazy technical helicopter with University of Wild Acts written in hologram letters all over it. Holding on to this line leads to Uranus in Sagittarius in the 5th house. If you feel you are the good one who doesn't want to rebel, this is an important sign. Because of the way the mirrors are set up with a new perspective, you have found something kind of wild, something or someone which you know a bunch of other people think might is a lot of hogwash, a waste of time, purposeless, CRAZY. Jump there! I say this because there is something to talk about and write about there, and this is going to be good for your self esteem!

These are examples of ways to eject your way out of the submarine, see whats going on out there so you can let your firey sun shine reach out to find a larger audience. Talk with your brothers and sisters. This is just a starting point -- see where it goes from here.
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